Three things you may not know you can find at a Verizon Store


We’ve been with Verizon for more than 15 years. We’ve had them since we’ve had cell phones. We started out with the simple flip phones where all we cared about was making phone calls. I am not sure Tim ever thought he would want a phone that would do anything more than that. Now, I’m not sure what either one of us would do without immediate access to all the new ways to communicate, including social media and texting. And I love the access, of course, to all the apps, mostly reward programs. Oh, and one of my favorite things, the camera which can take nearly as good of pictures as my regular point and shoot can now.

Did you know that Verizon has so much more to offer than just phones? You can get those, too, and with great signal. We’ve even gotten a great signal atop a glacier in Alaska. But, with the evolution of the cell phones, the technology of what you can do with phones is amazing!

Learn about your device at Verizon Store

Verizon Wireless Workshops

I love the fact that Verizon hosts their own wireless workshops. It’s nice to know that if you switch to a new device that you won’t be left to having to figure it all out on your own. I would have loved to have gone to one of these workshops when I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy s5. It’s one thing to change devices, but a complete different situation when you go from Apple to Android platform. Verizon has both platforms and Windows, as well, covered in their calendar of workshops. Go here to check out the availability.

Connect to your home

My step-daughter Stephanie has recently been in the process of turning her home into a Smart Home. She got a garage door opener that she could control from an app on her phone. She also is replacing her light bulbs with smart bulbs to be able to control and even put on timers. She already has some of her outlets on timers and plugged in some of her Scentsy candles to make rooms smell nice and fresh when she or guests arrive home. These light bulbs and switches can also be controlled via an app on her phone.

Verizon has the products to help you connect you to your home. From the ability to control access to your front door, your thermostat, your lights, and more.


Kevo I need to talk to Tim about getting the Kevo system. It is a door locking system that becomes an electronic house key. As you know we travel a bit, and we frequently have friends and family stop by, house sit and check on our cat Gus while we are away. With the Kevo, you can grant access to your friends and family without having to give them a physical copy of your house key. You can give them their own key to punch into their phone to open your door. You can then change it or deactivate it when you return.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat is another product available at Verizon to help automate your home. It is an intuitive unit with a great sharp display. It also learns your energy usage and other factors which over time will help to reduce energy costs in your home. Talk about being able to walk into a comfortable home rather than having to adjust it every time you walk in the door. Also, you would not waste energy by heating or cooling it when you are away.

WeMo Light Switch

WeMo Light Switch

The WeMo Light Switch would be another item that would be very handy for safety and energy savings. You can turn lights off andd on from an app on your phone. No need to remember if it was the lights are still on, the app will let you know if they are in fact on or off.

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Bose Wireless Speakers

Verizon has several items to finish off your Christmas shopping list.

Wireless speakers are great for so many reasons and these colorful ones by Bose are pretty and offer high quality sound. You can connect them up to your phone via bluetooth to take phone calls, or listen to your favorite radio app, such as Pandora. Besides Bose, they also have speakers by JBL and Ultimate Ears.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

Verizon carries all of the latest and greatest when it comes to wireless headphones. Whether you are looking for the trendy Beats by Dre or a great slim pair for running or just taking calls or listening to music on the go, you can find it there.

Fitness TrackerFitness Trackers

With the New Year’s resolutions coming right around the corner, having a fitness tracker can keep you in check. Verizon has many of the most popular brands and styles, including Fitbit, Jawbone and Garmin. Each have an app that you can connect to your phone to keep track of your progress.

Stop by your local Verizon store to see what other things besides phone calls you can do with your phone! To find a store near you check here.

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for this post. However, all opinions are entirely mine.