Beale Street lights up Memphis

Beale Street

Beale Street is to Memphis what The Strip is for Las Vegas. It’s party central in Memphis. And home to great music.

I think everyone visiting the city must take in Beale, regardless of the time of day. During the day, it’s more of a tourist attraction, but at night, the music comes alive, the drinks flow and the people flock in droves.

Beale Street

We capped our one-day visit to Memphis with a stroll through a few blocks of Beale Street. The music was loud at several clubs. But, it was great to listen to for a few minutes at a time.

Club signs illuminate the night. BB King has a club here.

BB King's Blues Club on Beale Street

Jerry Lee Lewis not only has a club and restaurant, but they even park a car alongside the building.

Jerry Lee Lewis on Beale Street

A statue of legendary blues performer WC Handy stands tall in a park along the street.

WC Handy statue on Beale Street

A “must” visit for us is the Hard Rock Café. Lisa loves the chain. We checked out the café on Beale Street.

Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street

Noteworthy was the historical marker that recognized the Lansky Brothers as the clothier who dressed Elvis. They dressed Elvis for his appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show” and others.

Lansky Brothers

Hard Rock has an artist performing just as we arrived. He belted out a Roy Orbison tune. He was good.

Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street

The Hard Rock has a lot of memorabilia for Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street
We hit the pavement again, taking in more sites.

A group of young kids performed an acrobatic street act. They did some great back flips down the street. People were quick to put tips in their bucket.

Historical markers recognizing African American accomplishments are located along Beale Street.

Beale Street

The street has musical notes on the sidewalk, recognizing music-related accomplishments.

Beale Street

We had a fun time taking in Beale Street in the evening. It allowed for some great viewing – people watching, musicians and the bright lights.