You can catch all kinds of interesting views at Seattle’s Pike Place


I don’t believe anything is more touristy than grabbing a cup of coffee from the original Starbucks location, a pastry from a nearby bakery and enjoying the two while standing just outside Pike Place Market, taking in the sights and sounds of an early bustling day in Seattle.


Once finished, I headed in to see what the vendors had to offer. I caught a few still setting up shop for the day.


Moving along, visitors will encounter most farmers’ markets staples – fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables. One fruit vendor was handing out samples of his apples. Based on the slice I tried, they seemed delicious.


The fruit stands had a beautiful appearance. You can tell the vendors take pride in their product.


Some vendors weren’t above humor in marketing their wares. Anything to make a sale.


I also had fun watching the suppliers drop off the daily inventory. Trucks were parked everywhere along the market’s main entrance. I even saw an Amazon Fresh truck. Our youngest daughter works for Amazon.


Pike Place is probably best known for its fish market, where employees yell out orders and others toss fish from the display in front to the counter. We’ve seen this before during our first visit five years ago. However, this time, I had a chance to watch them throw crabs. They use the same positive attitudes to toss the variety of crabs they had to place orders.


Checking out the seafood was entertaining in itself. I don’t care for fish. I do like shellfish. However, I felt bad for some of the blank expressions on the fresh creatures’ faces as I browsed the many ice-packed units.


Pike Place is more than the main level vendors. You can walk to the lower floors and visit chops, including comic book stores, clothiers, even coin markets.


Also, you’ll never know what intriguing attraction awaits you, such as a museum featuring giant shoes. It is worth the 50 cents in the coin-operated curtain.


Even the artwork is interesting in the area. You may find a statue standing sideways along a building.


Whatever brings you out, take the time to visit Pike Place Market. You may even find some delicious souvenirs along the way, such as Chukka Cherries.

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