Travels 2016: From Mickey Mouse to Lewis and Clark, trips took us beyond the Midwest

Our 2016 travels took us to 12 states, nine of them in the Midwest. With a daughter now living in the Pacific Northwest, annual trips to the region have become the norm. And with Lisa and me attending travel conferences, opportunities to visit other states arise. Lisa found herself at Disney World this year. Lisa […]

Forgetting Midwestern winter: Coastal beaches are calling

Spring is approaching. We are nearing the end of winter. However, we will have a few more weeks of iffy weather to deal with. But, soon, very soon, the leaves will be sprouting on the trees, grass will turn green, the dandelions will say hello to my yard again. Coats will give way to jackets, […]

We crisscrossed the country for our 2015 ‘top’ travel picks

We had some great opportunities to travel during 2015 and we saw a lot. We’ve seen some of the world’s biggest statues, as well as the homes of major historical figures. Since the end of the year seems popular for Top 10 lists, we thought we’d come up with our own “Favorites” list – of […]

Fort Lauderdale – Visit to Hillsboro Lighthouse and Lauderdale by the Sea

Fort Lauderdale is the seventh largest city in Florida and the largest of 31 communities in Broward County. When in Fort Lauderdale recently, I got the opportunity to visit two nearby communities – Pompano Beach and Lauderdale by the Sea. As part of the TBEX conference (meeting of travel bloggers and other media individuals in […]

Kayaking in Fort Lauderdale with Atlantic Coast Kayak

In this past year, I’ve been to Florida twice. Once to Tampa and, more recently, to Fort Lauderdale. Previously, when I thought about visiting Florida, it was all about sun, beaches and a mouse. The last couple trips taught me that Florida has so much more to offer. I was able to take in the […]

People call them wildlife; we call them furry and feathered friends

When we travel, we love to take in area’s wildlife. It can be anything from a squirrel to a moose in Alaska. Lisa says they’re my furry friends. During our trip to the Tampa area, we encountered some “wildlife.” Our first stop was in Ybor City. We encountered a rooster running the streets, so we […]

Big Cat Rescue provides safe haven in Tampa

Lisa is a huge fan of cats – big or small. If it were up to her, we’d have a hundred cats. Fortunately, she is OK with having one domestic cat and getting to see big cats whenever we can. Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, is a different type of cat complex than we’re […]

Tampa Air BNB was the right choice for us

We have become fans of Air BNBs. People rent out rooms in their homes to travelers. Our visit to Tampa was the second occasion of our using Air BNB. Air BNBs differ from regular Bed and Breakfast inns in that Air BNBs are homes, not actual businesses. B&Bs are businesses that cater to travelers. Our […]

Clearwater Beach offers visitors beautiful views of sunsets and more

Visiting a beach allows you to take in so much – people watching, animal viewing, the natural landscape and seascape. Basically, you can just sit back and take in the sights and sounds around you. Neither Lisa nor I are the type of person who just parks ourselves on the beach and sit or lay […]

Chihuly collection tops St. Pete visit

A mustache. Boats. Blown-glass art. What do these have in common? We saw then during our visit to St. Petersburg, Florida. Our main reason for visiting St. Pete was to check out the Chihuly collection, which is on the waterfront. That led to some nice views of boats and water. We ended with a view […]

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