Forgetting Midwestern winter: Coastal beaches are calling

Spring is approaching. We are nearing the end of winter. However, we will have a few more weeks of iffy weather to deal with. But, soon, very soon, the leaves will be sprouting on the trees, grass will turn green, the dandelions will say hello to my yard again. Coats will give way to jackets, […]

We crisscrossed the country for our 2015 ‘top’ travel picks

We had some great opportunities to travel during 2015 and we saw a lot. We’ve seen some of the world’s biggest statues, as well as the homes of major historical figures. Since the end of the year seems popular for Top 10 lists, we thought we’d come up with our own “Favorites” list – of […]

Clearwater Beach offers visitors beautiful views of sunsets and more

Visiting a beach allows you to take in so much – people watching, animal viewing, the natural landscape and seascape. Basically, you can just sit back and take in the sights and sounds around you. Neither Lisa nor I are the type of person who just parks ourselves on the beach and sit or lay […]

Clearwater Beach’s Sugar Sand Festival carves up fantastic sand art

What if you went to the beach and there was no sand? What if all the sand was gathered up and used to build sandcastles? Impossible, you say?! You may be right, but about 1,000 tons of Clearwater’s white sand was used to create some of the most beautiful sand sculptures we’ve ever seen as […]

Tampa area offers plethora of sights and attractions

Tampa may be best known for being the home of Busch Gardens, but we think it has a lot more to offer visitors. We checked out quite a few attractions during a long weekend recently. Ybor City is known as the Cuban capital for Tampa. The downtown neighborhood is home to some great restaurants, such […]

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