Travels 2016: Kansas trips feature indoor skydiving, great food and big cats

We fell in love with chicken all over again, Lisa flew high and we saw tigers on the prairie. All of this occurred during jaunts to Kansas. Stroud’s in Overland Park was our first foray into its wonderful pan-fired chicken. The five-restaurant chain was founded as a barbecue joint in 1933. The restaurant opened during […]

Louisburg’s Cedar Cove Cat Sanctuary seeks to protect big cats on the Kansas plains

Lions and tigers and…wait. No bears. What you will see at the Cedar Cove Cat Sanctuary in Louisburg, Kansas, are a dozen or so big cats, such as lions, tigers and cougars. The sanctuary – located about 20 miles southwest of Kansas City, Missouri, has been open since 2000. The cat complex works to provide […]

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