Metro CC, The Walking Tourists team to offer Midwest travel classes

Want to learn about day trips from the Omaha area? Maybe check out places where legends and celebrities called home in the Midwest? How about checking out some of the natural beauty we have in the region? These and more are the focus of a Midwest Travel class that we and Metropolitan Community College are […]

Presidents Day: Midwesterners who served in the White House

About a third of American Presidents (15 of 44) have Midwestern roots. Can you name them? Only kidding. The quiz comes at the end of the post. We’ve visited seven locations related to our presidents, with six of them belonging to the Midwest. In addition, Rapid City, SD, is home to Mount Rushmore, honoring four […]

Forget the ‘Seven Wonders’ of the world, the Midwest has its share of the world’s largest attractions

The Midwest has long been considered “Flyover Country” between the coasts. But, if people take the region for granted, they miss out on a lot of interesting attractions and some of the nicest people in the world. For instance, did you know that the Midwest is home to the world’s largest buffalo? Or bull? How […]

Northern Michigan drive brings waterfalls, bears, ship wrecks and fog

The last leg of our Northlands vacation was Duluth, Minnesota, and the scenic North Shore drive. The drive from St. Ignace, Michigan, to Duluth was supposed to be about 7.5 hours, according to Google Map. I wanted to see the bell from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, since the museum it was in was […]

History comes alive at Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is so small… How small is it? Well, by the middle of summer, the number of horses matches the number of year-round residents. That would be 500. However, during the peak of the tourism season during July and August, thousands of people will visit the island. One person told us it gets so […]

‘Yooper’ provides beautiful scenery, drive

The “Yooper,” as northern Michiganders call the upper peninsula, is a beautiful area. A mix of forests and lakes gives this region its unique identity. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (hence, Yooper) should be its own state, in my opinion. That’s just my opinion. I don’t mean to step on any Wolverine or Spartan toes. The drive […]

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