The ‘Mother Road’ – Missouri Route 66 attractions

Route 66 runs almost 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. Route 66 is known for its kitschy manmade attractions, as well as natural attractions. Almost 315 miles of the highway run through Missouri. A 50-mile stretch from Waynesville to Cuba provides entertaining and historical points of interest. During our visit to Pulaski County, the […]

Missouri’s Meramec Caverns ‘cool’ cave formation view

Meramec Caverns served as a military headquarters during the Civil War, and later as a hiding spot for Jesse James and his outlaw gang. Today, the caverns offer tours of the beautiful scenery located under the rolling hills of eastern Missouri. Meramec Caverns are the state’s largest cave system. The cool temperatures and moist environment […]

Metro CC, The Walking Tourists team to offer Midwest travel classes

Want to learn about day trips from the Omaha area? Maybe check out places where legends and celebrities called home in the Midwest? How about checking out some of the natural beauty we have in the region? These and more are the focus of a Midwest Travel class that we and Metropolitan Community College are […]

Filling our 2017 bucket list on ‘National Plan for Vacation Day’

Welcome to “National Plan for Vacation Day.” Jan. 31 has been designated as the day to help people plan their time off for the year. Project Time Off says that people who plan their vacations early in the year actually take time off from work for some recreation. It’s vital that people plan to take time […]

Spring Getaways in the Midwest – #MWTravel Chat

While we may think the snow currently on the ground makes a beautiful landscape at times, we are ready for Spring. We are ready to hit the road and travel to some great Midwest destinations. For our next #MWTravel chat on February 1st, we’re going to give you some great choices for getaways this Spring in […]

Travels 2016: Showing off great attractions in Missouri

History and beauty topped our visits to Missouri during 2016. From the days of Lewis and Clark to beautiful art, we enjoyed our stops in Kansas City, St. Joseph, as well as Pulaski County. Pulaski County ranks high on my list of fun trips. We took in the Civil War, Route 66, an old railroad […]

Christmas 2016: Kansas City dazzles as the Midwest’s ‘City of Lights’

Editor’s Note: This holiday season we are taking a look around the country at events and attractions that celebrate the holiday season. Today, we visit Kansas City to check out this year’s events and some of the wonderful light displays and events the area has to offer… Forget being the City of Fountains. Kansas City […]

Tour the dining world in Missouri’s Pulaski County

Something from Column A. An item from Column B. Next thing you know, you’ve traveled the world, tasting some of the best food there is to offer. All, within a 15-minute drive. This is the culinary world of Pulaski County in Missouri. A taste of Asia. A dabble of Europe. And who can pass up […]

Pulaski County’s rail history is told through the Frisco Trail

Pulaski County cuts through the south central portion of Missouri. The county seems to be separated almost in half by Interstate 44, which eventually runs to St. Louis. The county’s history seems to be divided by that line, as well. The southern half runs along a part of the famous Route 66, which connects several […]

5 Reasons to Visit St. Joe, MO this Fall

Can you feel it? The slightly cooler temps, the additions of all things apple and pumpkin and the color of leaves on the trees starting to turn hues of red, gold and orange. It is Fall. It is probably our favorite time of year. Fall is an ideal time to make a visit to St. Joseph, […]

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