Walkin’ with Harry: Taking Independence’s Truman trail

Harry S. Truman was the “walking president.” He took daily walks during his time in the White House, including a walk to the bank to personally deposit his presidential paycheck. That’s unheard of today, for a lot of reasons. He had a four-man detail that would travel with him, basically surrounding him as he walked […]

Independence museum follows pioneer trails

“Wagons Ho!” can be heard in almost any early western movie about pioneers heading west for a new life in 1800s America. The trail boss would wave his hat in the air and yell out the words and then wagons would start moving along in a straight line, with men, women and children in them […]

Presidents Day: Midwesterners who served in the White House

About a third of American Presidents (15 of 44) have Midwestern roots. Can you name them? Only kidding. The quiz comes at the end of the post. We’ve visited seven locations related to our presidents, with six of them belonging to the Midwest. In addition, Rapid City, SD, is home to Mount Rushmore, honoring four […]

Harry S. Truman Museum highlights 33rd President’s challenges, achievements

Harry S. Truman was probably the last “regular” American to serve as President of the United States. Without a college degree and holding common jobs, Truman worked his way up the Democratic Party’s leadership in the 1920s. Following his service as an Army officer during World War I, Truman returned home to Missouri. He and […]

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