Smelling the flowers in our Midwest botanical gardens

Spring is in full bloom. So are the flowers and plants in our area. We thought we’d take a look at the botanical gardens available to Midwesterners to take in nature’s beauty. Lisa and I realized we’ve been to quite a few during our travels wound the Midwest. I know we’ll see more gardens as […]

Play ball! Baseball is back

“Play ball!” rings out across North America this week, as Major League Baseball kicks off its 147th season. Will this be the year we get another “I-70 Series” in Missouri? Or a “Subway Series” in New York? Maybe, we finally get an “I-5 Series” in Los Angeles. Regardless of where the Fall Classic ends up, […]

Black History Month: Learning about our Midwestern neighbors

It continues to amaze me how many people of significance come from the Midwest. As we travel around our 12-state region, I learn more than I ever could have in school about this area. I recall learning about George Washington Carver as a kid in school, and his role with studying the peanut. Little did […]

We crisscrossed the country for our 2015 ‘top’ travel picks

We had some great opportunities to travel during 2015 and we saw a lot. We’ve seen some of the world’s biggest statues, as well as the homes of major historical figures. Since the end of the year seems popular for Top 10 lists, we thought we’d come up with our own “Favorites” list – of […]

10 fun things to do in St. Louis

Almost anyone who has been to St. Louis or has thought about St. Louis likely knows its top two attractions – the Arch and zoo. What about the other great places to visit or the “secrets” that few tourists know about or take advantage of? We’ve compiled our list of 10ish interesting spots to check […]

Midwest celebrates its baseball

Baseball’s Fall Classic takes to the field this week. As Major League Baseball winds down with its final set of games, there’s no need to stop following America’s pastime. The Midwest is home to some great baseball attractions. Negro League Baseball Museum One of my favorite museums to visit is the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum […]

Road Trip Plans, Part 2: Missouri attractions – Check out the Show Me State

  This is second in a three-part series. Missouri has much to offer visitors. Here is a look at a few of the Missouri attractions we like. Kansas City Kansas City’s Union Station is hosting the Pro Football hall of Fame exhibit for its last weekend. The exhibit is open through Sept. 7th. You can […]

St. Louis Science Center offers much to see – from prehistoric times to space travel

Space may be the final frontier, but it’s my favorite area of the St. Louis Science Center. Visitors can check out exhibits related to space, space travel and even the stars. The Science Center offers variety of activities and exhibits for all ages. But, my two favorite centered on space and dinosaurs (yes, apparently, I […]

The Magic House is a fun children’s museum in St. Louis

  It’s not often we get to talk about a site geared toward kids. Fortunately, we had the pleasure of visiting The Magic House in St. Louis with our niece, Starla. Starla, 5, was spending time with the grandparents, so the five of us ventured off to the unknown of the St. Louis Children’s Museum. […]

St. Louis’ City Diner serves great food with nostalgia

Have a little history with your meal at St. Louis’ City Diner at the Fox. The corner café is located next door to the city’s Fox Theater, home to Broadway series shows and other performances. Peter Spoto opened the first City Diner on South Grand, after returning home from living in Alaska, where he honed […]

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