Omaha’s Cathedral flower show celebrates Nebraska’s history

Nebraska turns 150 years old in 2017. St. Cecelia Cathedral’s annual flower event showcased several displays related to the state’s history. From Native Americans to Mrs. B, the 32nd annual show intertwined flowers and history. Several Omaha-area florists designed displays that shared information about specific historical events or people. While the historical exhibits are interesting, […]

Travels 2016: Nebraska trips highlight state’s ‘Good Life’

With as much traveling as we’ve done in the past five years, we always enjoy checking out our Nebraska backyard. Boy, did we have some experiences in 2016. From art to a bit of controversy, touring Nebraska was anything but boring. We’ve enjoyed checking out public art in almost every city we’ve been to, so […]

Nebraska Passport 2016: Nebraska City

Nebraska City hugs the Missouri River in southeastern Nebraska. The city of about 7,900 people has been home to a lot of history – the Lewis and Clark expedition camped here, Arbor Day got its start with J. Sterling Morton and abolitionists helped run a spot along the Underground Railroad during the slavery chapter of […]

Black History: Midlands played role in Underground Railroad

It’s believed that at least 100,000 slaves escaped from the southern states through the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a series of routes and safe houses located throughout the South and other areas that helped slaves escape to safety in Florida, Mexico, northern states and Canada. The Underground Railroad route to Canada included safe […]

Nebraska City: Apples, trees and history

Nebraska City is where it all began…for Arbor Day! J. Sterling Morton came to the small southeast Nebraska city in 1854, at the age of 22. His life would see him serve as a newspaper editor, territorial governor and the force behind creating Arbor Day. Morton and his wife lived in a small cabin he […]

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