Happy birthday Nebraska! Looking good for 150

Happy birthday Nebraska! The cute little state in the middle of the United States turns a youthful 150 years young. Nebraska became the 37th state March 1, 1867, two years after the end of the Civil War. I wondered how to write about the state’s sesquicentennial. Should I discuss the history of the state, dating […]

Omaha’s Cathedral flower show celebrates Nebraska’s history

Nebraska turns 150 years old in 2017. St. Cecelia Cathedral’s annual flower event showcased several displays related to the state’s history. From Native Americans to Mrs. B, the 32nd annual show intertwined flowers and history. Several Omaha-area florists designed displays that shared information about specific historical events or people. While the historical exhibits are interesting, […]

Nebraska at 150: Red Cloud is home to Willa Cather and more

Editor’s Note: Nebraska celebrates its 150th birthday as a state March 1. As the state observes its sesquicentennial during 2017, we wanted to take a look at Cornhusker state attractions leading up to the celebrations. Today, we take a look back at Red Cloud, home to Willa Cather and more… Among the quiet flow of […]

Nebraska Passport 2016: Red Cloud Opera House

My daughters tease me, but I love seeing places where historical figures lived or worked. I’ve seen the homes of President Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman. I’ve the seen the homes or hometowns of Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain), JC Penney, General John J. Pershing, Buffalo Bill Cody and Henry Fonda. Now, […]

National Women’s History Month: Midwesterners make their mark

Throughout history, women have achieved several accomplishments that many believed were “man’s work.” How about setting records as an airplane pilot? Writing award-winning books? Running a successful newspaper? These were achieved by women with Midwestern backgrounds. March is National Women’s History Month. I thought it’d be interesting to spend some time throughout the month recognizing […]

Millie Mouse’s great adventures

BY Millie Mouse First, I have to thank Bill Denney of Little Bill’s cheese emporium in Kansas City (MO) for letting me travel with The Walking Tourists this year. I had a blast! Lisa and Tim took me with the on their trip around the world. At least, it felt like that to me. I’ve […]

Our adventure with the Nebraska Passport program

With about 45 days left, Nebraskans continue to travel around the state and visit spots to get that important stamp in the 2015 Nebraska Passport program. We’re (meaning Lisa) no different. We likely aren’t going to challenge anyone for the grand prize in October, but we’ve made a dent. The passport program highlights 80 businesses […]

Red Cloud museum captures early life of south central Nebraska’s Webster County

Mastodons once roamed Nebraska. The Webster County Museum in Red Cloud displays one of the largest jawbones discovered, as part of its paleontology exhibit. That fact, along with a lot more artifacts, helps tell the story of the south central Nebraska area. The museum has thousands of items on display dating back to the 1800s, […]

Cather Second Home B&B offers history with a comfy stay

Spending the weekend in a guest home where Willa Cather once slept was impressive in my mind. Her parents bought the home after she had left Red Cloud. But, she would stay in the house when she visited. The Cathers bought the Cather Second Home, as it’s called, in 1903 and moved in 1904, after […]

Red Cloud’s Kaley House transforms into beautiful B&B

The Kaley House was once one of the most beautiful homes in Red Cloud. It was situated on “Quality Street,” the name given to the area by author Willa Cather, to describe the neighborhood where some of the town’s “best” citizens resided. Charles Kaley had the house built in 1885, 14 years after Red Cloud […]

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