One Super Jump, Fall Foliage and crowds on Vegas Strip

My trip to Las Vegas was a mixed bag. It was great spending time with Mallory. We had fun on the road trip portion of the trip, visiting Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Winslow, AZ, and Four Corners Monument. Our first evening in Vegas was fun. That was the night Mallory did a controlled free […]

Fremont Street Experience, the Original Vegas Strip

Fremont Street is classic Las Vegas for tourists. My daughter Mallory said the original Las Vegas Strip was what she really thought Vegas should be. The old casinos are here – Golden Nugget, Fremont, and Binion’s. They were among the original casinos in the early Vegas days. The TV series “Vegas” (CBS, 2012-13 season) was […]

Hoover Dam – One impressive dam tour

Know where you can cuss and not get in trouble for it? At Hoover DAM. Ha! My daughter and I took a tour there recently. It was interesting. Our elevator operator said he was not our guide but he was our DAM elevator operator. The 20 or so people packed in the elevator laughed. Anyone […]

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