Dream weaver: Moorhead museum documents Minnesotan’s Norwegian sailing dream

You can take a trip to Norway simply by visiting Moorhead, Minnesota. The city is home to the Hjemkomst Center, which honors an American’s dream of traveling across the ocean to his homeland of Norway in a replica of a Viking ship. Robert Asp dreamed of traveling aboard the Hjemkomst (pronounced Yem-komst), the name given […]

Metro CC, The Walking Tourists team to offer Midwest travel classes

Want to learn about day trips from the Omaha area? Maybe check out places where legends and celebrities called home in the Midwest? How about checking out some of the natural beauty we have in the region? These and more are the focus of a Midwest Travel class that we and Metropolitan Community College are […]

Lewis and Clark’s winter camp in Washburn, North Dakota

What do you do when there are a few inches of snow on the ground? Break out the snow blower? Snow scoop? Ice on the roads? Wait until the city treats the streets? Imagine what it must have been like dealing with a North Dakota winter more than 200 years ago. Strong winds, temperatures as […]

Travels 2016: Enjoying a ‘Legendary’ trip around North Dakota

North Dakota’s tourism slogan is “Legendary.” That’s how I would describe our visit. We knocked a few things off our travel bucket list, including a stop at the Scandinavian Heritage Park and festival in Minot. We enjoyed a jam-packed trip around North Dakota. It all started with a visit to our good friend, Dakota Thunder. […]

Tracing North Dakota’s history in Bismarck

From giant prehistoric fish and dinosaurs to underground missile silos, North Dakota’s history covers about 80 million years. In its earliest days, the Peace Garden State was part of an inland sea. The heritage center and museum in Bismarck tracks the state’s history through various stages of its growth. In all, four galleries offer a […]

Minot’s Sleep Inn offers more than a great room; Swimming and shopping abound

We’ve stayed at some nice hotels during our trips, but Minot’s Sleep Inn and Suites has to rank among the best. The hotel, which is also a convention center, has been the host hotel for the annual Norsk Hostfest (Scandinavian heritage festival). As we checked in, I noticed an antique car sitting in the lobby. […]

Minot air history flies high at Dakota Territory Air Museum

“Off we go into the wild blue yonder.” The United States Air Force song sums up a visit to the Dakota Territory Air Museum in Minot, North Dakota. The museum takes a look at American air history, including its impact to the central North Dakota city. The museum, which includes two hangars and an outdoor […]

Getting my Scandinavian on in Minot

I’ve mentioned my dad in a few posts, because something we did or somewhere we went reminded me of him, or I knew he would have been interested. Well, I know he would have pushed aside his plate of sardines for a chance to get an upclose look at Scandinavia without leaving the United States. […]

Grand Forks uses flood history to allow its beauty to shine through

Grand Forks, North Dakota, endured two major floods in 1996 and 1997. The latter devastated the downtown areas of both the city and its Minnesota neighbor, East Grand Forks. But, with Midwestern strength, the area rebuilt. Today, flood walls add to the beauty of the riverfront. Grand Forks is proud of its recovery. A new […]

International Peace Garden unites allies along North Dakota and Manitoba borders

If peace could be defined by a picture, I believe it would resemble the International Peace Garden along the United States and Canada border at the 49th Parallel. The garden was designed as a symbol of peace and cooperation between the allies. The park was constructed during the Great Depression, opening in 1932. The work […]

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