Manila military cemeteries honor American, Filipino and allied fallen

Memorial Day means more than the unofficial start to summer, a three-day weekend, cooking out and camping. Its true meaning is a time when we honor the men and women who fallen in the line of service, representing the United States in times of military conflict – from the War for Independence to the Middle […]

Mixing business with fun – My business trip to Manila, Philippines

How many of us have been able to combine work with fun when traveling? It’s weird to think that two years ago, I spent a month in Manila, Philippines, on business. I decided that when not at work, I was going to be a tourist and take advantage of the opportunity my company provided me. […]

Rainy days bring Philippines memories

So, I was driving into work the other day during a downpour. I mentioned to a co-worker how the rain reminded me of our drives to the office in Manila a couple of years ago. We were there for a month to help support a new office for work. She mentioned that at least the […]

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