5 places to celebrate Easter in the Midwest

As Easter approaches, the Midwest offers some beautiful spots to help observe the holiday. From the story of Jesus Christ to places of worship, you can visit interesting attractions. Considered the “eighth wonder of the world,” the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, Iowa, is the largest manmade grotto in the world. The Rev. […]

Metro CC, The Walking Tourists team to offer Midwest travel classes

Want to learn about day trips from the Omaha area? Maybe check out places where legends and celebrities called home in the Midwest? How about checking out some of the natural beauty we have in the region? These and more are the focus of a Midwest Travel class that we and Metropolitan Community College are […]

Filling our 2017 bucket list on ‘National Plan for Vacation Day’

Welcome to “National Plan for Vacation Day.” Jan. 31 has been designated as the day to help people plan their time off for the year. Project Time Off says that people who plan their vacations early in the year actually take time off from work for some recreation. It’s vital that people plan to take time […]

Watertown, SD, is the perfect canvas for Terry Redlin’s art center

  Watertown sits in rural northeast South Dakota. It’s a prime location for nature viewing. So, it seems fitting that Watertown should be the home for the Redlin Art Center. Terry Redlin was a nationally-known nature artist. The Watertown native created some of the most beautiful oil paintings featuring wildlife or Americana settings. The Redlin […]

Travels 2016: Enjoying ‘great’ places in South Dakota

South Dakota’s slogan is “Great Places. Great Faces.” We checked out some great places during our trip during the summer. From Laura Ingalls Wilder’s family homestead to a music museum that ranks with the best of them, South Dakota lived up to its tourism tag. We had long been interested in checking out a variety […]

National Music Museum puts Vermillion on world stage

Imagine, standing near a 500-year-old grand piano. Perhaps, a Stradivarius violin. Don’t want to fight the crowds at a New York City metropolitan museum or a Smithsonian in Washington, DC? You don’t have to. Just take a drive to Vermillion, South Dakota. What? Really? These are your thoughts right about now, eh? Situated on the […]

Sioux Falls’ beauty extends beyond Falls Park

Sioux Falls Park The Big Sioux River flexes its muscles as it flows through Sioux Falls’ Falls Park. It starts in northeastern South Dakota and runs for 419 miles before joining the Missouri River near the Iowa-South Dakota border. In the meantime, the river provides a beautiful setting for Sioux Falls’ popular park, with a […]

National Park Service at 100: Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Four great American presidents look out over the South Dakota landscape at Mount Rushmore. Their view is as amazing as the view they provide the millions of people who visit the national monument annually. Mount Rushmore is located near Keystone, in the beautiful Black Hills region of western South Dakota. The tree-lined hills are called […]

National Park Service at 100: Badlands National Park, South Dakota

For a place called the Badlands, visitors can find this national park a beautiful place to visit. As you look at the jagged edges and rock formations, you’d swear you’re on another planet instead of southwestern South Dakota. The Badlands National Park offers visitors a variety of options in visiting the area. You can drive, […]

South Dakota’s Porter Sculpture Park offers unique look at art

Folks driving along Interstate 90 outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, may notice a giant bull head staring back at them. You may have heard of the Little House on the Prairie, but what about the Little Sculpture Park on the Prairie? The Porter Sculpture Park in Montrose (about 30 miles west of Sioux Falls) […]

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