Fremont, Washington – ‘Center of the Universe’

Fremont, Washington. Fremont, Nebraska. Two cities with the same name. What do they have in common beyond their name? Absolutely nothing. One sits on the Nebraska plains, a city of about 22,000 with a conservative-looking downtown that could be a scene out of a 1960s movie. The second is the “Center of the Universe.” Fremont, […]

Travels 2016: From Mickey Mouse to Lewis and Clark, trips took us beyond the Midwest

Our 2016 travels took us to 12 states, nine of them in the Midwest. With a daughter now living in the Pacific Northwest, annual trips to the region have become the norm. And with Lisa and me attending travel conferences, opportunities to visit other states arise. Lisa found herself at Disney World this year. Lisa […]

Long Beach Peninsula perfect spot for World Kite Museum

Tell someone in Long Beach to go fly a kite, they’ll know exactly where to go. Long Beach – known as the World’s Longest Beach – is home to the International Kite Festival every August. Thousands of people from around the world flock to the southwestern Washington peninsula to take in the views or to […]

‘World’s Longest Beach’ is a major attraction on Long Beach Peninsula

Washington’s Pacific Coast isn’t designed for swimming. Let’s get that out of the way right away. The water tends to be cold, as it travels southward from Alaska. Temperatures average about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pacific Ocean’s current is strong. There are rip tides. People can step in deep holes dug by crabs, up to […]

Seaview’s Shelburne Inn provides friendly, comfortable stay

As soon as you walk into The Shelburne Inn, you feel right at home. The front desk clerk greets you like you’re an old friend. After a few days at the Seaview (Washington) bed and breakfast, you feel a kinship to everyone there. We spent a wonderful three-day weekend at the Long Beach peninsula in […]

Long Beach, Washington, is more than just ocean fun

We had a weeklong trip to Seattle scheduled, mainly to visit our daughter Mallory. Mal moved to the Seattle area last fall for a new job. Instead of spending every day in the Emerald City, we wanted to try something new. Lisa checked around, and, viola, the three of us are spending a three-day weekend […]

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