‘Dirty Dancing’ comes to Omaha’s Orpheum Theater


We are big movie buffs in this household. We are a little picky as far as which ones we decide to add to our DVD/Blu ray library. I have a section of movies that I consider to be “classics” – “Labyrinth,” “E.T.,” “Ghost,” “Never Ending Story,” “Footloose,” “The Goonies” and a few others. One movie in our collection that is one of my favorites for many reasons is “Dirty Dancing.”


“Dirty Dancing” (in case you are one of the few who have not seen it) is the story of a girl who believed she was going to have a boring summer dragged along with the family to a vacation resort in the Catskills of New York. She quickly finds herself enamored with the sexy dance moves happening in the staff quarters. The dance instructor takes her under his wing and into his world.


The music and the dance moves are mesmerizing. I remember playing “Hey Baby” as part of our pep band repertoire during high school basketball games. And who can forget some of the classic lines such as “Nobody puts baby in the corner” or “I’ve had the time of my life?”

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I’m so excited to be going to see “Dirty Dancing” at Omaha’s Orpheum Theater with a few girlfriends. The stage production was written by the same script writer as the film, so it stays pretty true to the movie.

The show runs in Omaha from Tuesday, November 17th, thru Sunday, November 22nd. Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Omaha. Won’t you join us and “have the time of your life?”