Elf abandons shelf; Takes holiday break


Doing Santa’s dirty work – spying on people to find out who is nice and who is naughty – gets a bit overpowering. Do you realize how many people are really naughty?

The people’s house I watch over has a cat. A cat! The flea-ridden varmin tried to eat me one day. IMG_0492

Well, I decided I needed a break from my daily routine. I heard that the Trudells were heading to downtown Omaha for a weekend outing, so I thought I’d tag along.

First, I stopped at the Omaha Children’s Museum.  So much to do there for kids. It’s a great place for parents to take kids to wear them out.

I tried my hand at making a book with a nice kid named Cory. It turns out she is the Trudells’ niece. So, Cory and I hung out a little at the museum.

Cory is intently listening on how to make her book.

After making our book, Cory took me over to a swing set. But, it wasn’t a swing set. It was a pulley device. The kid thought I’d pull myself up to the top of the rope. But, um, I don’t have great upper body strength. That’s why I do what I do – sit on a shelf and spy, err, and watch what kids do for Santa.

Cory must have been hungry because we went shopping at the museum’s Little Market. I felt special because I got to ride in the shopping cart while the larger Cory pushed me.

Later, I got to drive a bus. Now, I know how Santa feels when she grabs those reins and slaps those reindeer into business.

IMG_0712I guess Cory had other plans, because she went home. So, I kept tagging along with the Trudells.

We went to a place called Spaghetti Works. I had a nice meal. Boy, I was stuffed, and not with fluff.

IMG_0504Later, we stopped at the Durham Museum. I saw Santa! He was busy visiting with kids. I didn’t think he saw me, but he did. We visited a little. OK, it was more like an elf chewing. Apparently, the jolly old elf thinks I should still be on a shelf instead of taking a weekend off. Oh well, what he doesn’t know…

IMG_0514I rode the train at the Durham. Choo! Choo!

I met the Blues Brothers at Hollywood Candy.

IMG_1187Candy?! Oh yeah, baby! Tons of it. I was in sugar coma heaven.

IMG_1195My problem was that was so much to choose from.

IMG_1197I met some new friends at the Hollywood Candy store.

IMG_1191I even played “Where’s the Elf?”

IMG_1193Ya know when they say, “When in Vegas” Or something like that? Well, let’s just say that I may need to visitor the North Pole’s Elf’s Anonymous when I get home.

IMG_1231I kind of miss the North Pole right now, so the sounds of Christmas soothe me. No one sings the holiday tunes better than a young Wayne Newton.

IMG_1255Wayne influenced me so much that I thought I’d sing a holiday tune…”I’m dreamin’ of a white Christmas…”

IMG_1317Once I checked in at my hotel, the Magnolia, it was elfing party time!

I had a loft suite, and that included a stair case. That can only mean one thing. How fast can the elf slide on down?

Note to self: Do not get too cocky when sliding down the staircase.

IMG_1384Later, I thought I heard Santa Claus in the suite. I investigated.

IMG_1372After awhile, I grew bored in my suite. So, I thought I’d check out some culture.

We went to Hot Shops, which is an art complex.

I look at art, but I’m a simple elf. I don’t get it. Maybe someone can tell me about it.

IMG_1561Back at the hotel for the evening, I decide to get some cookies and a hot chocolate and lounge by the fireplace.

IMG_0556This morning, I woke up and thought I was back home. There was snow! I had to play.

IMG_1640But, I decided it was time to head back to my shelf. I thought I could catch a ride on the Polar Express.

IMG_1653So, after a fun weekend away from my job, I’m back. I am definitely keeping my eye on that cat.