Enjoy the view while sipping a glass at New Ulm’s Morgan Creek Winery

Morgan Creek winery oak tree
An old oak tree dominates the landscape at Morgan Creek Winery. The scenery is an added bonus of enjoying a glass of wine at the New Ulm winery.

When you think wine, does Minnesota come to mind right away? Nearly 30 wineries are scattered across the Gopher State. Southern Minnesota offers an environment to raise cold weather grapes.

New Ulm’s Morgan Creek Winery seeks to maintain the Schell family’s tradition of producing a successful product that people enjoy drinking. A fifth-generation member of the August Schell Brewing Company, Georg Marti created Morgan Creek when the company planted its first set of grapes in 1993. The first wines were served five years later. Morgan Creek has grown into one of the best wineries in Minnesota.

Morgan Creek produces more than 15 varieties of wine, including some award winners. During our visit, we tried a flight of four wines, ranging from red to dessert. Neither of us are red wine fans, but Lisa and I agreed we liked the NOVA. Made with Frontenac grapes, the Rose’ offers a nice balance between deep red and white wines.

Our favorite was Zeitgeist. The white wine had a pleasant sweet taste. It’s reminiscent of wines I enjoyed while living in Germany in the Eifel Mountain range.

Morgan Creek Winery
Morgan Creek offers a nice selection of wines for its flights.

Our wine selections worked well paired with a personal-sized pizza, baked in the outdoor wood-fired oven. Morgan Creek offers a seasonal menu, with some excellent choices available.

Morgan Creek Winery wood fire oven
Food is cooked in an outdoor wood-fired oven.

A visit to the winery offers more than just enjoying a glass of wine. The vineyard has a beautiful view year-round. A large oak tree dominates the scenery on the 10 acres that make up Morgan Creek. A red barn adds to the beauty. Grapevines grow on a nearby sloped field.

Morgan Creek Winery in New Ulm, MN
The oak tree is a popular attraction.

Flowers and plants hug the sidewalk that leads from the winery toward the vineyard. I love flowers and I never pass on an opportunity to photograph them.

Morgan Creek Winery in New Ulm, MN
Morgan Creek has a great view of flowers and plants.

Morgan Creek Winery complements the New Ulm area. The winery offers a nice alternative to the beer-making of the 150-year-old Schell Brewing. However, no trip to New Ulm is complete without a stop at both places. The Schell legacy is well preserved with Morgan Creek. We recommend visiting the winery when in the area.

For additional information, including seasonal hours, please visit www.morgancreekvineyards.com.