Fit by 40 – Back on track with new pedometer

Ever have that grand plan and then it doesn’t quite lift off the ground initially?

I will admit it. This is not going as initially planned. I started off drinking more water the first week. I had found my Fitbit pedometer the second week. I had every intention of increasing water and activity.

I could give every excuse in the book on why it has been a slow start. I have been too busy. I have been sick (which I wasn’t). My old pedometer wasn’t working right (which is a true statement). I had my Fitbit Zip pedometer. Because I could not find the wireless dongle to sync it up to my computer, all of the information was off. I could not track accurately. However, none of these are good excuses in starting to change my life for the fitter and better.

I could have given up and said oh well. No more posts about Fit by 40. No more worrying about making positive healthy changes. I could not do that.

It has to start with ME. I have no one to blame except for ME.

So, yesterday I put on one of my go to pairs of jeans. They didn’t feel comfortable at all. They were too tight. This really motivated me to put this whole thing into the next gear. I refuse to buy bigger jeans at this time. I want to buy smaller jeans.

Yesterday, I put my foot down, literally. I picked up a new Omron pedometer at my local grocery store. Omron has been one of my and Tim’s favorite pedometers for a few years now. It accurately tracks steps. The one I picked up this time was the Omron HJ-320. One thing I love about it is I can throw it in my jeans pocket without clipping it on. It stores 7 days of information. I opened it immediately when I got to work this afternoon. So, from when I started my 8 hour workday until I got home I logged 4834 steps.
pedometerMy plan is to now keep moving and stepping forward. Next week, I am going to increase my goal to 7000 steps a day.

I need your help. Share with me where you are so far with your goals now that we are 3 weeks into this New Year. Let’s continue to support each other to make the changes for the better in 2014!