Hot dogs and toppings stand out at Bellevue’s B&B Classic Dogs


It’s a dog’s life at B&B Classic Dogs in Bellevue.

The hot dog eatery is named after the owners’ two dogs – Birdie and Bogie. You see the dogs’ influences as soon as you enter. The paw prints painted on the floor lead you to the counter to place your order.

B&B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, Nebraska

B&B doesn’t offer just any hot dog. They offer hot dogs with all kinds of toppings. Like peanut butter? They have a hot dog for you. Like coleslaw on your dog? They have that, too. In fact, you can even get a hot dog wrapped in a hash brown.

The JRZ Dog in front - melted cream cheese and purple pepper jelly. The Slaw Dog in the background - coleslaw and chili with yellow mustard.
The JRZ Dog in front – melted cream cheese and purple pepper jelly. The Slaw Dog in the background – coleslaw and chili with yellow mustard.

My daughter Steph and I participated in a blogger event at the store, at 1020 Lincoln Road. She had a great time, helping other bloggers and I sample a variety of appetizers, sides and hot dogs.

They have a variety of pretzel bites with cheese dips. There are jalapeño pops. IMG_0171

The main menu of hot dogs ranges from a mini dog, regular sized dog and a 2-foot hot dog. Two feet long? Yep.

The two-footer was used during a hot dog eating contest at the restaurant’s grand opening about a week ago. A Bellevue Chamber of Commerce leader won, finishing the two-foot long dog, topped with every item possible, in about 15 minutes.


B&B Classic Dogs uses Nathan’s all beef hot dogs. There is also a selection of soups, salads and chicken. With planning, you could even make your hot dog healthier.

The hot dog B&B Classic wants to be known for is the Derf Dog. It’s a perfect mix of hickory and apple wood smoked dog, topped with BBQ sauce, onions and shredded cheese.

B&B Classic Dogs menu

The goal is to be known as “the home of the Derf Dog,” said owner Diane. She and her boy friend Jerry are the brain trust behind each hot dog.

I want to try the Derf Dog Extreme, which adds baked beans or chili to the Derf Dog toppings.

Steph is looking forward to trying The HB – the hot dog wrapped in a hash brown, with dipping sauce.

B&B is more than just hot dogs.

B&B Classic Dogs Arcade

The restaurant has an arcade center. There were a few people playing games during our visit. It would definitely be worth checking out.

There are a couple of kid’s tables with chalkboard tables. Steph decided to prove that we had been there with a written note.

IMG_0196Two party rooms are available.

B&B Classic Dogs was an idea the couple had for a while, Diane said. Before going full bore in the business, they discussed the idea with the former owner of Top Dog hot dogs. Top Dog was a Bellevue business a couple of decades ago. After their visit, they felt reassured and ready to move forward, Diane said.

For a complete listing of its menu, please check out the website at

B&B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, Nebraska

Disclosure: The evening event was sponsored by B&B Classic Dogs. My opinion and comments are mine and are not affected by the sponsorship of the event.