Introducing our Animal Family!

We want to take a moment to introduce you to our animal family. They are the ones that get left behind when we travel. But don’t worry, they are in very capable hands and are spoiled just as much as if we were at home.

One of my step-daughters takes our dog into her home when we are gone. She has a border collie who is a sweetheart as a playmate for him named Dolly Parton. They get along pretty well and we are told she gets sad when he goes back home. Our big baby, Tucker, is part Australian Shepherd and Lab. He thinks he is a 100 lb lap dog. He definitely lets you know when he wants a walk; otherwise, he is pretty chill.


Our other youngest animal member is a 7 month old gray tiger striped kitten named Gus. This little guy is either a ball of energy or a cuddly sweetheart. He loves a new furniture item that he recently got from his Mimi and papa (my dad and step-mom). It has a shelf on top and then a cubbyhole hiding place underneath. Between the two, is a hanging feather toy. He loves to attack it with all of his fierceness. When we travel, my other step-daughter comes over to watch the house and the little guy.


For those of you with a furry friend in the family, where do they go when you are away? Do they stay with family or friends? Do they go to a kennel? Or do they come with you to a pet-friendly accommodation?