Joslyn Museum Free Days

Just a friendly reminder that Omaha-area residents can visit Joslyn Museum in downtown Omaha for free between 10 a.m.-noon Saturdays.

The Museum offers the staples – paintings, sculptures, artifacts. It also hosts special exhibits, which are in town for a short time. The most recent exhibit was American Western Landscape photos by contemporary photographers. They looked at the West in a different perspective from the usual historical pioneer view. Modern era photos – in black and white, as well as color – highlighted some of the history of the region, but also the landscape of the country today. One that both Lisa and I liked highlighted photos of abandoned buildings that were now dilapidated. Inside were a number of items – homes had old furniture surrounded by peeling wallpaper or cracked drywall. Another featured an old school, with books and desks strewn about.

My favorite photo set consisted of landscape shots. They featured distance photos, not close-ups of attractions. In one, there was a butte. Most photographers would have shot the butte closer to the viewer. This photographer basically used it as a measuring mark in the photo. It sat about halfway back in the photo, highlighting the distance and vastness of parts of our region.

Beginning in February, the Museum will host a special exhibit on the Egyptian royalty. If you want something to do on a Saturday morning for free, remember to stop by the Joslyn.

Oh yeah, if the weather is nice, take advantage of the sculpture garden near the entrance to the building.