Jousting highlights Omaha renaissance faire


With the summer festival season getting into full swing, we thought it would be fun to take in the local renaissance faire. It actually covers two weekends, but we caught the second one. The first weekend differs from the first in that there are fighting exhibitions rather than knights jousting.

Renaissance performers love this festival! They really get into their characters. They travel back in time to be their characters. From belly dancers, minstrels, magicians to knights, the characters open themselves up to the public and invite them into their world.

The dancer we liked best danced with a sword atop her head for a good portion of her performance. She moved elegantly while managing to keep a real sword from slipping off her head.


A magician we watched was OK. He engaged the audience during the show. I was a bit put off by his asking for money at the end of the show. He spent a bit too much time telling people about how tips work.

One thing that stood out to us was the way a group of performers were engaging some kids in their “play.” They were going to put on a show and were seeking kids’ input. They needed a damsel in distress for the play, so the troupers led the kids in selecting the friar to play the damsel. They put a veil and boa on him. The kids in the audience were laughing. I told Lisa that the faire was definitely fun for families. I suggested that if we came back, it would be fun to bring a niece or nephew along.


Following that, we caught an act on the improv stage featuring a stunt man. He did some really cool things. He climbed a six-foot ladder on stage and balanced it once on he was at the top.


The truly impressive act was balancing a torch on his chin.


We joined hundreds of people to watch the main attraction – the knight jousting.

It was part medieval, part WWE. The guys playing the knights were funny actors. They would use the language of the times, and then add some current zingers, such as “I am going to kick that boy’s butt!” The audience roared with laughter.

IMG_1039 The Queen’s Marshall, portrayed by an actress, explained the rules of the game and led the crowd in cheering.

The knights were fun to watch as they jousted.

First up, was swords while riding their horses. They took off at high speed from their end of the arena and cracked each other’s shields, trying to force the other off their steed. One succeeded.


The next round involved lances. They mounted their horses again and took off for battle.


All in all, our first renaissance faire experience was enjoyable. I can see why people like it. It was a fun way to spend a few hours on a weekend afternoon.