Jump through the wardrobe and into ‘Narnia’ at Omaha’s Rose Theater


Looking for something to do with the family during the holiday season? Check out “Narnia” at The Rose children’s theater.

The musical – based on author CS Lewis’ “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” – is running daily through Dec. 29th. I’m always impressed by people’s singing skills. They did a great job.

“Narnia” is the story of four children sent to live with their uncle in rural England during World War II. Their parents sent them for safety, from the bombs falling on London.

Three of the children are OK with being at Professor Kirke’s mansion. He’s the kids’ uncle. He welcomes them with open arms. Walter Shatley did a great job in his roles. He is also Aslan the Lion in Narnia, as well as Father Christmas.

The kids must ensure they don’t get on the bad side of the house maid – Mrs. MacReady. Besides being the lead housekeeper, she conducts tours of the castle. Kirstin Kluver gives an outstanding performance in her later personality – the White Witch – in the land of Narnia.

The story starts with the Pevensie kids’ arrival at the castle. The children are (in oldest to youngest): Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.

Courtesy of The Rose
Courtesy of The Rose

Edmund (portrayed by Max Hauze) is not happy about being sent away from London and their parents. He has an attitude that obviously leads to trouble for the family.

As Peter (Kevin Mikuls) and Susan (Laura Davis) take off to explore some paintings and other artifacts in the castle, Edmund and Lucy are left to their own devices.  Not a smart move.

Lucy (Emma Dougherty) goes exploring on her own. She eventually makes her way into the magical wardrobe, where she is transported to the land of “Narnia.” Edmund gives chase and joins his younger sibling there.

Courtesy of The Rose
Courtesy of The Rose

The two get separated. Lucy is befriended by Mr. Tumnus, a creature that resembles a goat. He invites her home for tea and cookies.

Interestingly, none of the animal characters are in full animal costumes. The costumes and make-up imply which animal they are.

Edmund eventually meets the “Queen” of Narnia. She is actually the White Witch, who has cast a spell of eternal winter (brrrrr) over Narnia, without Christmas. Not cool (pun intended)!

Peter and Susan soon make their way to Narnia through the wardrobe. They are befriended by Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and other supporters of Aslan the Lion, and the true leader of Narnia.

Edmund falls under the spell of the White Witch, who has promised to take him under her wing and raise him to succeed her n the throne. Edmund, on a quest for acceptance as he is, believes her.

Unfortunately, he’s a pawn in the Witch’s plan to kill the kids and deny the “prophecy” for the future of Narnia. The four children are destined to lead Narnia.

Aslan, who apparently was banned from Narnia, returns and befriends Peter and his sisters. Father Christmas meets them, and gives them the gifts they will need to ensure Narnia survives its break from the White Witch.

Battles take place throughout the story. The final battle for Narnia sets the future of the land. The fighting scenes are well choreographed, and suitable for children.


I took my 9-year-old niece to the show, and she loved it. “Cool,” was the word she used.

I would suggest the show is suitable for kids 7-13 or 14.

This is a production where most of the major characters are adults. The Pevensie kids are obviously played by young people. There are a few other children actors. Four dancers are high school-age.

The show is directed by guest director Jesse Jou.

For more information and reservations, please see the theater’s website at http://www.rosetheater.org/.