Planet Comicon Kansas City ’24 preview

Cosplayers as Lego Star Trek characters.
Cosplayers as Lego Star Trek characters.

Fans of 1970s television, “Star Wars,” “Avengers” and the “Scream” franchise rejoice! Stars like Henry Winkler, Adrienne Barbeau, Ian McDiarmid – “Star Wars” Emperor- and Paul Bettany, Vision from “Avengers,” headline this year’s Planet Comicon, March 8-10 in Kansas City.

More than 30 celebrities from television and movies are expected at the 25th annual comics and pop culture convention. Planet Comicon features three days of on-screen celebrities, voice actors, writers and artists, as well as dozens of vendors and, of course, thousands of fans dressed as their favorite characters.

We’ve been to seven Planet Comicon conventions. Each offers its special memories. Ron Perlman, with more than 270 acting credits, returns to the Con. We saw him at the 2016 convention – our first – and he made a lasting impression, saying he’s done great work, and some crappy work. All because he doesn’t turn down opportunities; you never know if that will be your last acting offer, he said. His question-and-answer panel was one of five we attended that year.

Ron Perlman discusses his career at Planet Comicon.
Ron Perlman discusses his career at a previous Planet Comicon.


We’re hoping there will be a “Happy Days” reunion panel, since Henry Winkler – The Fonz – Anson Williams (Potsie) and Don Most (Ralph Malph) will be attending Planet Comicon.

“Scream” fans will want to don their best black robe and mask as they make their way to see stars Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard. Their potential celebrity panel will be packed.

Fans of 1970s Saturday morning TV – me included – easily recall “Land of the Lost.” Well, it’s a Sid Krofft reunion with Krofft, Kathy Coleman and Wesley Eure attending Planet Comicon. No word yet on if Cha-ka or any sleestacks will be there.

The 1990s are represented with an ABC reunion featuring stars of “Boy Meets World,” with Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle set to visit Kansas City.

Adrienne Barbeau made an impression as Rizzo in the Broadway musical “Grease” during the ‘70s. It helped land her the role of Carol on the CBS hit “Maude.” She is probably best known for her roles in horror and sci-fi movies, such as “The Fog,” “Creepshow” and “Swamp Thing,” as well as “Escape from New York.”

“Star Wars” fans will bow before the Emporer, as Ian McDiarmid headlines the list of franchise actors attending Planet Comicon. Nika Futterman from “Clone Wars” will also be there.

Other celebrities planning to attend Planet Comicon include Charlie Hunnam, Jon Bernthal, Keith David, Sofia Boutelle, Dante Basco, Vanessa Shaw, Omri Katz, Jason Marsden, Bradley Pierce and Michaela Jill Murphy.

Adam Savage from “Myth Busters” and astronaut Steve Swenson will also visit Planet Comicon.

Boxes of comic books on sale
Artists who have created some of the most famous and successful comics will be on hand to talk about their craft.


While celebrities may be the major draw – with photo and autograph opportunities and discussion panels – almost 30 creators will be on hand to discuss writing and art.

Kevin Eastman and Phil Hester lead the list of creators. Eastman may be best known as co-creator of “Teenage Murant Ninja Turtles,” but he’s currently leading The Romin, the top comics series today.

Hester is a legend among fans of comics. He’s drawn “Green Arrow,” “Swamp Thing,” “Ant-Man and “Family Tree,” as well as working on “Nightwing,” “The Flash,” “Batman Beyon” and “Justice League.” His recent work includes “Tales from the Quick Stop” and “Gotham City Year One.”

Man dressed as cartoon character Yosemite Sam
A cosplayer dressed as classic cartoon character Yosemite Sam was one of the most original we saw at the 2023 Planet Comicon.


One of the most fun things about Planet Comicon is the people watching. Dressed as their favorite anime, cartoon, movie, TV or comics character, people of all ages enjoy dressing up.

It’s OK to ask cosplayers to take their photograph. But, it’s not OK to touch them. Always be respectful.

Origami-created art
Origami Giant from Omaha will among the vendors at Planet Comicon.


With about 300,000 square feet of space, vendors sell everything from figurines and vintage comics to clothes, props and accessories.

If you’ve not been to a comicon, Planet Comicon is perfect for your first visit. It attracts people of all ages, from young teens to families and grandparents. As you plan your visit, check Planet Comicon’s schedule for the availability of your favorite celebrities or creators.

We’re excited for this year’s convention – 1970s stars and “Scream” among our favorites – as well as attending celebrity panels and roaming the floor for cosplayer viewing and a little shopping with the vendors. We hope to see you there.