Minions return to Beatrice; add new friend Nebraskans will love


The Minions have returned to the Beatrice area. And they brought along a friend.

Last year, we visited the traffic-stopping attraction on US Highway 77, between Lincoln and Beatrice. After seeing the story on Facebook, Lisa and I “HAD” to make the approximately 90-minute drive from Omaha. We loved it! There were three minions.

This year, Lisa posted a photo on Facebook on a Throwback Thursday. The creator of the attraction commented that the Minions were back…and they brought a friend.


So, we took a drive Sunday morning. Man, oh man, were we surprised to see the fourth Minion – a Husker Minion. He’s dressed in red bib overalls with a Husker N on it. Go Big Red!

The original three Minions are also greeting travelers as they pass by.

So, if you are interested in off the beaten path attractions, the Minions are worth the trip. Afterward, maybe you can take in some Beatrice or Lincoln attractions.