Enjoy old-fashioned ice cream treats at Nebraska’s Springfield Drug soda fountain

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Springfield Drug is home to an old-fashioned soda fountain.

You come for a milkshake, but a visit to Springfield Drug is like taking a step back in time. Not only do you get a hand-scooped ice cream treat at the old-fashioned soda fountain, but the store is also chock full of antiques.

Keith Hentzen opened the drug store in 1977 inside an old bank building. He added the soda fountain in later years. Keith stocked the store with antiques as the years passed. He also receives them from friends and fans of the store.

The store has an automatic photo op, as visitors are greeted by “The Simpsons” sitting on a park bench. During our visit, families were taking pictures of their kids with the animated TV family.

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Sing it: “The Simpsons.”

The store took me back to my youth. When we visited my grandpa in Van Buren, Arkansas, we’d stop at a store named the Copper Kettle. You could buy souvenirs and candy there. We used to get old licorice sticks there. Springfield Drug offers the same type of candy.

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The candy sticks took me down memory lane.

But, people were lined up at the soda fountain, waiting for their ice cream treats after getting their Nebraska Passport 2016 books stamped. Lisa ordered a hot chocolate sundae, while I went with a strawberry malt. Both were outstanding.

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Mmmmm mmmmm good.

The soda fountain was built in the 1930s. I find it amazing that it still turns out fantastic ice cream treats after more than 80 years.

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Springfield’s soda fountain is truly old fashioned.

Keith enjoyed sharing a prop he uses to dissuade youngsters from smoking. It’s a donkey.

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This is your brain on cigarettes.

Springfield Drug’s soda fountain is a great place to visit. The ice cream is outstanding. And it’s only about 20 minutes southwest of Omaha.

For more information on Springfield Drug, please visit www.springfielddrug.com or www.viitnebraska.com.