Nell Hill’s celebrates Christmas in Atchison, Kansas

Nell Hill's I tried to fight the good fight. I was trying to hold off listening to any Christmas-related music until around Thanksgiving. I was willing to start the iPod playlist of about 1,100 holiday songs that week. But, then, it hit me. Omaha has two radio stations already playing Christmas music. I found one of them, and (I blame Johnny Mathis and his dastardly good take on “The Christmas Song”) I surrendered. Now, I am in the holiday mood. My office added to it. The lobby has wreathes and other decorations up. A Christmas tree is lit in the lobby as we leave each night. I had been challenged to get into the holiday mood earlier. And, if it hadn’t been for kids wearing Halloween costumes, I may have given in. Lisa and I stopped in at a Christmas store in Atchison, Kansas, during a recent trip. Nell Hill's Nell Hill’s had its store along the Commercial Street pedestrian mall decked out for the Christmas season. Lisa started this visit. I was checking out a statue, and she said told me she was going to check out Nell Hill’s. Soon afterward, I followed her. I was in Christmas nirvana! Decorations out the stockings! Rooms full of Christmas trees, each adorned with themed ornaments and other decorations. The main entrance immediately pulls you in. It’s full of everything Christmas. We got a kick out of a display of polar bears dressed for winter. Nell Hill's With the holiday season now upon us full board, who can’t enjoy checking out holiday displays? Nell Hill’s is like a museum or theme park for the Christmas season. Nell Hill's The store is like a Christmas-themed maze, you move from one room to another, only to find another room loaded with Christmas decorations. I half expected to see some elves busy decorating each room with a holiday theme. Rooms had wreathes. Rooms had Santas. Rooms had ornaments. So many ornaments. Nell Hill's I could have spent hours in the store, checking out each room. The store was packed with visitors. It must have a good reputation with the number of people we saw and visited with. Nell Hill's I was impressed with the way the store employees decorated the trees, and rooms. A red cardinal sat on a branch of a white tree. The red popped like you would see it in nature. Nell Hill's A display featuring a family of carolers looked like they could have actually been real people standing in front of a house singing. Nell Hill's It’s unfathomable to me that there are so many ornaments and design ideas out there that a store could have so many displays. Nell Hill's Nell Hill’s has two stores – one in Atchison and the second in the Briarcliff center in Kansas City, Missouri. So, whether you’re naughty or nice, you will find something to like at one of the stores. The store in Atchison, I can vouch, is worth the short drive. Nell Hill's For more information on Nell Hill’s, check out its website at