Oklahoma Joe’s offers great BBQ in Kansas City metro area


When we travel, Lisa and I enjoy trying local eating establishments. Since we travel to Kansas City fairly often, you’d think we have visited Oklahoma Joe’s by now. Nope.

We did on a recent trip. Lisa tweeted ideas for BBQ places as she previewed a trip. The majority said Jack Stack or Oklahoma Joe’s.

We figured we’d hit both. But, alas, time prevented that. We committed to Oklahoma Joe’s on this trip. We also prefer to go to the original location when possible. It was possible.

Oklahoma Joe’s was started in a gas station. The Shamrock station on 47th Avenue in Mission, Kansas.


So, we thought we’d grab lunch there.

Wow! We did not expect a line of people outside the building. I dropped Lisa off to get us a spot in line. I went to find a parking spot. Fortunately, someone was backing out and gave me a prime spot.

As we stood in line, we watched the people ahead of us. I occasionally checked the line behind us. It reached to the end of the building.

After several minutes, we finally reached the interior. The line still was long ahead of us.


As we started browsing the menu, we were both kind of focused on the Z-man sandwich. The place is known for this sandwich – slow-smoked beef brisket, provolone cheese, topped with two crispy onion rings on a Kaiser roll.

A couple behind us suggested we try the ribs and brisket dinner. The ribs fall off the bone, they said. They should know. They had eaten here a few days earlier. The couple were heading back to their home in the St. Louis area and wanted one more meal there. That’s how good the food is! IMG_3069

They were such a nice couple.

As the line ahead of us grew shorter, it was eventually our turn to order. After 40 minutes of standing in line, I had to make a decision. The Z-man. No, wait. The Carolina pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top sounded mouth watering. Oh, who am I kidding.

“The ribs and brisket dinner, please,” I told the guy taking my order. Sides? Um, wow. Well, again, who am I kidding? I went with coleslaw and the baked beans.

I thought Lisa was following suit. Nope. She ordered the Carolina pulled pork. We agreed to add an order of homemade onion rings. Another suggestion from our new St. Louis-area friends.

They were spot on with the recommendations.

The ribs do indeed slide off the bone. They are hand rubbed with seasoning. I added a little bit of the Joe’s BBQ sauce. Delicious! The coleslaw was just tangy enough for me. The beans were awesome. They had some brisket cut up and tossed in with them.


Lisa’s Carolina pulled pork was huge and tasty. The onion rings lived up to their reputation. They were good. The breading they use is different from other places we’ve been. It was tasty, as well.


As we were leaving the restaurant, we thanked the couple from St. Louis for their recommendations. After exchanging business cards, we thanked them by name. Greg and Lori are now among folks we consider friends. We may need to engage them for help with dining plans in the future on a St. Louis trip.

IMG_3063We picked up a BBQ sauce and seasoning set for Lisa’s dad. As we paid at the counter, I asked the cashier when the place isn’t busy. She mentioned it was busier than usual for a Monday because people from Texas were in town for a Kansas City-Houston National Football league football game. Texans fans had eaten there Saturday, too.

As a matter-of-fact, she told us three Chiefs players were dining there while we were.

She mentioned that there isn’t a real quiet period. You can expect a line whenever you come to Oklahoma Joe’s.

I know that in the future, we’ll be in that line, too.