Omaha Caffeine Crawl brews up fun


Squirrel found at Omaha Bicycle Co. on Omaha Caffeine Crawl

I cannot lie – I had a caffeine buzz going by the time we finished visiting our sixth place during the Omaha Caffeine Crawl Saturday.

We participated in the second Omaha Caffeine Crawl, along with about 23 other people in our group. We visited coffee houses around the city: Beansmith, The Tea Smith, Aromas, Omaha Bicycle Club, Archetype and Culprit Café. Each location shared some unique drinks and provided background on their establishment.

The Omaha crawl featured five routes (groups), with varied starting times and locations. We were fortunate to be on the same route as fellow blogger Kim of Oh My Omaha, her sister and sister-in-law.

Lisa having her first cup of coffee at Beansmith on Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Omaha is one of 14 Midwest cities to have a crawl by the Kansas City-based LAB group. The company consists of people who work in other areas, but host the crawls because of a love for coffee.

This was the second Caffeine Crawl the group hosted in Omaha. They had one a couple of years ago, but the coffee house options were limited. Omaha has had an explosion of coffee houses in the past year or so, and is ripe for more growth, so the crew welcomed the greater options.

Our route met the Beansmith in the Old Market. Beansmith has operated a LaVista-based roasting facility since 2010. The original goal of the company was to provide high quality roasted coffee to the Omaha area.

Beansmith Coffee Roasters was our first stop on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Earlier this year, they opened a coffeehouse in the Old Market. We sampled two shots of coffee. The first was a fully-extracted cold brew. It took 24 hours to make, as the beans were filtered at a rate of 1 drop every two seconds.

Two versions of the same coffee, cold brewed and hot, from Beansmith Coffee Roasters on Omaha Caffeine Crawl

I’m not a fan of cold coffee. However, this sample had a nice bold taste to it. It tasted stronger than a warm coffee does. It reminded me of my father-in-law’s coffee. You can figuratively stand a spoon in one of his cups. However, the Beansmith version was less thick.

The second sample was a warm coffee. I preferred this one more. It tasted smoother to me, with a lighter texture.

We spent the most time at Beansmith, about 45 minutes. From there, we averaged about 30 minutes at each stop.

The tea smith stop on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Our second stop was at Tea Smith, on Howard Street in the Old Market. It was about a two-minute walk.

Rather than trying coffee, we got a taste of Matcha tea. Originally from China, Matcha tea was taken by monks to Japan in the 10th century. Used primarily for ceremonies in the day, there is a ritual for making the tea.

Mixing matcha tea at the tea smith on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

A couple of people on the tour volunteered to make the tea. Starting with a bowl of green leaves, they used filters to drain the leaves into a bowl of warm water. Then, they used small whisks to mix the tea with the water.

Whisking matcha tea at tea smith on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

The tea had a unique taste. It had a smooth feel to it. “Umami,” as our host, Tim Smith, said.

The shop offers a variety of tea pots. A fellow blogger uses teapots as a feature on her blog – “Teapot Tuesdays.” Lisa and I immediately thought of Beth Ann Chiles. Check out her blog at It’s Just Life.

Nice teapot set at the tea smith on the  Omaha Caffeine Crawl

The third stop on the crawl was a familiar spot to us. We’ve visited Aromas Coffeehouse and Bliss Bakery on the Old Market tour of Omaha Culinary Tours.

Autumn (the owner) shared her thoughts on caffeine outside of coffee. They baked us caffeine-infused shortbread cookies. They were delicious.

Espresso shortbread cookies from Aroma's Coffeehouse on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

As a drink, the team put together a spin on chai. They added ingredients that gave it a root beer taste – thus, the root beer chai. It amazingly tasted like root beer. I asked Lisa if we got ice cream too for the drink. Our group seemed to like the spin on the chai.

It was now time for our first driving portion of the crawl. Transportation was not provided. I think that played a role in the lower ticket prices. But, as most Omahans know, you can get around town in less than 20 minutes.

Mural outside the Bicycle Co. on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Our fourth stop was in the Benson neighborhood at the Omaha Bicycle Club. It’s a coffeehouse AND a bike shop. Want to buy a cup of Joe? Check. Want to buy a bike? Check. Want to buy a cup of Joe and ride it on your newly purchased bike? Check and check.

Bicycle Co. was part bicycle shop, part coffee shop on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

We tried a lavender latte (cold drink). It was very good. Lisa’s friend, Lauren, is a barista there. She has a blog at Curtain and Pen .

Lavendar fog latte at Bicycle Co. on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

I have to admit that the Omaha Bicycle Club rated high with me. The owner, Sarah Johnson, has an open personality and loves to talk. She seems to have a great attitude about life and politics and isn’t afraid to share with people. She injects a lot of humor in her conversations.

Sarah Johnson talks about community and her shop Omaha Bicycle Co. on the Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Benson has a reputation as an eclectic artsy neighborhood. Sarah fits right in with the neighborhood.

She looks at the Omaha Bicycle Club as more than a coffeehouse/bike shop. It’s part of a community, and she loves the community. She enjoys visiting with others and sharing stories.

Omaha Bicycle Co. jersey Omaha Caffeine Crawl

The fifth stop was at Archetype in the Blackstone District. This is a newer entertainment area in midtown Omaha.

Isiah was out host for this leg. I could swear the dude had drank about 2-3 large pots of their coffee prior to our visit, as he was so energetic. We had a great time listening to him describe the perfect cup of coffee and the steps involved. He moved around a lot and waved his arms when talking. He added humor to the trip.

Isiah, owner at Archetype coffee on Omaha Caffeine Crawl

He had one of our fellow crawlers shoot a nerf dart gun at a target. His point was that baristas in general always shoot for the perfect cup of coffee, but don’t always get there.

Omaha Caffeine Crawl

His baristas work to meet the “Gold Cup” standard, which combines, time, grind and temperature. The perfect cup of coffee should be between 195 and 205 degrees. This gives the coffee the best taste and flavor.

Omaha Caffeine Crawl

We sampled three cups – the “Gold Cup,” under done and over done. The “Gold Cup” had a strong bold flavor. The “Under done” cup was OK. It had a bit of a smooth taste. The “over done” cup was very strong and bitter.

Our final stop on the Caffeine Crawl brought us back to the edge of the Old Market.

Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Jason hosted us at Culprit Café and Bakery. Jason is a New York-trained pastry chef. When he came to Omaha, he learned quickly that pastry chefs don’t really exist here, so he developed an all-around chef skill.

Omaha Caffeine Crawl

It was his love for pastries that led him to open Culprit about a year-and-a-half ago. He said people are amazed when they try items like croissants there. They see and taste the airiness and lightness that the pastry offers.

Omaha Caffeine Crawl

Of course, coffee goes with pastries. Combined, he had a winner!

Rather than close out our day (which was pushing 1 p.m.) with a cup of coffee, he thought he’d provide us a dessert treat. We each sampled an Affogato – a shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Awesome sauce!

Omaha Caffeine Crawl

That shot of espresso reenergized me and had me ready to go on another on crawl for four hours. Actually, we had a great time on the crawl.

The LAB group hopes to make this an annual event in Omaha. Based on the fact that the five routes sold out, I can see that happening. Plus, we have had people asking us about it and wishing they’d been able to go.

I did notice that there is a caffeine crawl scheduled in Kansas City Nov. 6-8. Hmmm…

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Disclaimer: Thank you to the LAB Group for the complimentary tickets for the Omaha Caffeine Crawl. However, all opinions and views are ours.