As Seen on TV: Omaha – Over Easy restaurant ‘pops’ with breakfast options in Omaha

Over Easy Omaha exterior
The waiting area tells you people are committed to dining at Over Easy in southwest Omaha. The restaurant has 11 tables and six seats at the counter. Yet, people will wait quite some time for an opportunity to try some of the best breakfast food in the Metro area…and possibly in the United States.

Over Easy Omaha interior

I need to get my lone criticism of the restaurant out of the way – the entrance/waiting area is too small. Over easy – which serves breakfast and lunch – is so popular that people will line up and wait for their turn at a table. On a nice day, waiting outside is OK. But, on a cold, blustery day, not so much. Fortunately, we were able to stand inside the doorway. Now, on to the good stuff.

We were told our wait would be about 20-25 minutes. I don’t like waiting very long to be seated. So, I was impressed when we were seated in about 10 minutes. As Lisa said, it’s better to overestimate the wait.

Once we were seated, Breanna – our server – was quick to greet us and ask our drink orders. She also asked if we had questions on the menu selections.

Maple brown sugar homemade poptart

We started our breakfast with an appetizer of freshly made pop tarts. The fluffy pastries were topped with a choice of Nutella, clementine or maple brown sugar frosting. We went with the clementine and maple brown sugar toppings. A few minutes later, Breanna brought us our pastries. The frosting is a swirl of goodness. The clementine was very sweet. Lisa really liked it. I prefer maple brown sugar, and I wasn’t disappointed. Both were delicious. I can see why people order the pop tarts.

For the entrée, Lisa went with the baked egg boat. It comes with bacon, leek, cheese, and egg baked into le quartier demi-baguette. She had a side of Over Easy’s famous potato rounds. They consist of bacon, cheese and caramelized onions rolled in crispy hash browns. They are served with balsamic ketchup or spicy dipping sauce. She went with the spicy sauce.

Baked egg boat at Over Easy Omaha

I had OE’s classic breakfast, with two over easy eggs, a sausage patty, potato rounds and wheat toast. I had the balsamic ketchup, so we could each try both dipping sauces.

Over Easy Classic at Over Easy Omaha

We enjoyed our choices. They were delicious!

I can see why people will wait for an opportunity to enjoy some of the breakfast food you will ever taste.

The menu offers a variety of items, including a ham and leek quiche served soufflé style and a light and easy sandwich of egg whites with a side of grilled tomatoes and sautéed spinach served with an English muffin. More traditional items are on the menu, including a breakfast sandwich served on multi grain bread (choice of ham, bacon or sausage with an egg).

The lunch menu offers sandwiches, salads and soups. Sandwiches include a Cuban, Reuben and ham and cheese.

Over Easy Omaha locally sources its food

The décor is unique. On one wall, you have worn-looking barn lumber. Signs promote the restaurant’s commitment to supporting and buying from local businesses. The opposite wall has a modern look.

Over Easy is open daily 6 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. You can even pick up food through their drive-thru window. Ah, did I say drive-thru at a sit-down breakfast restaurant? Yes, I did. The owner claims it’s the only one of its kind.

Over Easy Omaha drive-thru

Over Easy has been in business for about three years and has enjoyed enormous popularity. They want to grow their business to new locations. One plan is to open in Omaha’s Aksarben Village center. This retail and entertainment district has been popular with Omahans for a few years. It continues to grow, so adding an Over Easy there makes sense. In fact, Nebraska-Omaha is building its new hockey arena in the area.

In fact, Over Easy ownership sought to get celebrity investors for the Aksarben location. Owner Nick Batholomew, his chef and restaurant manager appeared on CNBC’s “Restaurant Startup.” The show features famed chefs and investors Joe Bastianich and Tim Love. They listen to pitches from prospective restaurateurs regarding start ups or expansion. They pick from two competitors, and give the winner $7,500 and 36 hours to prove their concept. If the hosts like the results, they’ll invest in the restaurant.

Over Easy Omaha appeared on Restaurant Startup

Over Easy competed against Roast from Los Angeles. Roast pushes quick made sandwiches. The show hosts went with Roast. While Over Easy didn’t win over the CNBC show hosts, plans are proceeding for expansion.

Whether Over Easy expands around Omaha, or stays at its original location, I’m confident people will continue to line up in good and bad weather to try a homemade pop tart or partake in some of the delicious entrees. Who knows, we may see you there. Regardless, try Over Easy. You’ll like it.

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