People call them wildlife; we call them furry and feathered friends

squirrels are just one of our furry friends

When we travel, we love to take in area’s wildlife. It can be anything from a squirrel to a moose in Alaska. Lisa says they’re my furry friends.

During our trip to the Tampa area, we encountered some “wildlife.”

Our first stop was in Ybor City. We encountered a rooster running the streets, so we followed him for a couple of blocks. We ran into even more roosters and a hen. They’re allowed to roam free in the Ybor area.

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Squirrels were abundant. One in St. Petersburg decided hanging upside down from a tree was a great spot for a lunch break.

Squirrel hanging upside down while snacking is one of our furry friends in Tampa, Florida

Later in the same city, we came across a few of the little guys scrounging the ground for food. Most of them scurried away when we came near. One was “brave” enough to try to finish his meal before scampering off.

Squirrel scrounging around for food was one of our furry friends in Tampa, Florida

We love seeing birds, too. A couple of birds apparently were interested in the exhibits at the Dali Museum.

Birds appearing to talk to each other near Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida - feathered friends

One bird even tried on a mustache. Oops, that one is a statue. My bad.

Bird with mustache statue at Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

In Clearwater, I thought we were becoming best friends with a brown pelican. He just sat on a railing near us, taking in the beautiful sunset.

Beautiful brown pelican hanging out with us at Pier 60 in Clearwater, Florida

Nearby, an egret walked around people, looking for a food handout. He eventually took matters into his own beak and stole a fisherman’s bait.

Clearwater Beach egret looking for a food handout on the pier

Speaking of bait, who can’t like a little crab from the sea? Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid?” He was tossed back by a guy, so maybe he reunited with the gang “Under the Sea.”


The Air BNB we stayed at had two beautiful standard poodles. And three birds, including a Cockatoo.

Standard poodles at our Airbnb in Tampa, Florida

At Clearwater Beach, we saw our first black-headed gulls.

Black headed gulls in Clearwater, Florida

So, as we had to head home after a fun weekend, we bade the critters a fond farewell.