Planning for a Trip – Series – Part 2 – Where to Go

As I mentioned in the last post we just got back from a fabulous trip to Los Angeles and San Diego. We are now planning our Fall trip which is scheduled for the 2nd week of November. We wanted to go somewhere for just a few days. It could even be just a long weekend. With us it can be quite difficult to try to reign ourselves in and not go overboard. We initially thought about going to Chicago and then adding stops in Milwaukee and Madison. Overboard. Even though I love the idea of the locations, the weather is definitely a concern for me for both travel there as well as being able to experience the sites with the potentially very chilly to cold temperatures. We also thought about going to Oklahoma City with additional stops in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Again Overboard. With Oklahoma City, I am not as concerned with the weather as it is farther South however adding in Austin and/or San Antonio is too much and too far for just a few days. So, in the end we have decided on Oklahoma City with a couple of stops on the way in Kansas. Now our next item of concern is to determine a good hotel to stay at.  By the way, if any of you reading this have been to Oklahoma City in the past few years and have suggestions on where to go, stay, and do please don’t hesitate to leave your comments.  It would be much appreciated.