Rainy days bring Philippines memories


So, I was driving into work the other day during a downpour. I mentioned to a co-worker how the rain reminded me of our drives to the office in Manila a couple of years ago. We were there for a month to help support a new office for work.

She mentioned that at least the grass was getting green with the rain. I recalled how I loved the vivid green colors the Philippines had due to the heavy rain season. It happened that the start of the rainy season coincided with our visit. Fortunately, for most of our time there, we managed to escape the rains during the day. That allowed us chances to see sights and do touristy things. My last week there was almost all rainy.

Rains can quickly cause flooding in the Metro Manila area. The country doesn’t have the best drainage systems. In fact, a guy I sat next to on the plane from Tokyo to Manila was an American city planner, who was traveling there to meet with government officials about the drainage issues.

Anyway, I watched a local channel during the heavy rains, and saw footage of flooding in the villages around the city. Water could get chest high quickly. People missed work because they could not make it in due to the flooding.

Well, one positive result of rainy season is great vegetation. The green was so amazing.

Anyway, I thought I would share some memories in pictures: