Seeing Nebraska’s Capitol for the first time

I am a native Nebraskan. In more than five decades of living, I’ve learned that I have not seen enough sites of the state that I believe I should have. Chimney Rock. Scotts Bluff. Carhenge.

I have been to Lincoln several times. I have even been to the state capitol building for work purposes. But, I have not toured the Capitol…until now. Lisa and I were attending an event in Lincoln recently, so we decided to make a day of it. Part of our plans included a tour of the Capitol.  Lincoln, Nebraska Capital building

The Capitol does not offer a lot of areas to tour – the 14th floor observation deck, second floor art work, and the first floor.

After riding the telephone booth-sized elevator to the 14th floor, the doors opened and a beautiful view of artwork welcomed us. Large murals adorned the walls in a circular fashion. I sat and looked at the artwork. The artwork was beautiful and represented the state’s citizenry.

Phone booth sized elevator

Part of the observation deck was closed for renovation. The view of Lincoln we did see was interesting, but not breathtaking. The closed section would probably provide a better view of the area, including seeing the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium. Artwork in the Capital rotunda

The second floor has busts of the Nebraskans named to the state’s Hall of Fame.

The first floor has art work on the ceiling and along the walls. I found that floor the most interesting. Artwork was amazing – paintings of historical and modern events. The first floor has the legislative chambers where the 49 state senators meet annually. The Legislature, also referred to as Unicameral (because we have a one-chamber legislature), meets in short and long sessions, alternating years.

beautiful arches in the Nebraska Capital

Nebraska’s Capitol building is plain compared to other states’ capitol buildings. It represents the down to earth approach of most Nebraskans, in my humble opinion. Native American sculpture

The outdoor view of the Capitol is nice. I liked the sculpture of President Abraham Lincoln on the west side of the building. The grounds are open without any sculpture gardens or other attractions. Statue of Abraham Lincoln outside the state capital

While not the most exciting place to visit, I am glad I toured the capitol. It’s a nice way to spend an hour or so when in Lincoln.