Sioux City’s Palmer Candy shares its history and goodies

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
Our haul from visiting Palmer’s Old Tyme Candy Shoppe. The store offers a look at some of the company’s old equipment.

My dad loved the Twin Bing candy bar. It’s not a traditional candy bar, as it’s more of a mound bar than a flat candy bar. It has a cherry nougat center encased in chocolate and nuts. It doesn’t look appealing, but it tastes so very good.

Every Aug. 30th – the anniversary of his passing – I have a Bing in his honor. I know it’s corny, but, hey, for those who know me…

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
The Bing is Palmer Candy’s most popular product.

So, when I realized that the Twin Bing was produced in Sioux City, Iowa, by Palmer Candy, I knew we had to check out the company’s store. It’s actually located in the candy store, officially known as Palmer’s Old Tyme Candy Shoppe. The shop also houses pieces of equipment tying today’s products to the early production days.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
An old mixer inside the candy shop.

The antique equipment is located in a spot away from a lot of foot traffic, so those who want to learn more about Palmer’s early days can do so without bumping into candy buyers.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
One of the antique equipment pieces on display.

Palmer Candy started in 1878. The company actually started out as a fruit company, created by William Palmer. His father, E.C., had relocated the family from Michigan to Sioux City following a fire at their business. The father opened a grocery market in Sioux City, while William ventured off to his own business.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
Palmer Candy originally operated as a fruit company.

In 1900, the company started selling its first line of candies, including hard candy. The company’s success led to moving into a new four-story buildings.

The company enjoyed a lot more success, and, then, in 1923, Palmer Candy introduced the candy bar that would change my dad’s life – the Bing bar. That solid center of cherry nougat and the chocolatey nutty exterior created one of the most popular candies around the Midwest. During the mid-1970s, Palmer gave the Bing a sibling in its paper, thus the Twin Bing was born.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
The Bing expanded into the Twin Bing in the mid-1970s.

Today, Palmer is more than just the Twin Bing. All types of chocolates are produced, including peanut clusters, chocolate stars and chocolate raisins. You can order boxed chocolates (La Fama) for special occasions.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
I know what Lisa’s getting on Valentine’s Day.

The Candy Shoppe sells more than just Palmer candy. You can pick up candy from Boston Fruit, Jelly Belly and Nebraska’s own Baker’s.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
Baker’s Candies is located in Greenwood, Nebraska.

Palmer Candy knows how to market their product. Visitors can pick up T-shirts, caps and sweatshirts promoting Palmer or Twin Bing.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
I may have to get one of these next time we’re in Sioux City.

Palmer has added to its product list with Palmer Specialty Foods. Customers can buy all kinds of foods under the label, including baking supplies, cheese, oils and vinegars, barbecue sauce, as well as gift baskets.

Palmer Candy in Sioux City, Iowa
The food looked delicious and very tempting.

We had a great time visiting the Palmer Candy Old Tyme Candy Shoppe. Seeing pieces of the company’s history was impressive. Sampling candy was more impressive and tastier. We recommend visiting the store/museum when in Sioux City. While touring the shoppe is free, the candy is not. Have a great time and a Bing.

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