T-rex and family unite for special exhibit at Omaha’s Durham Museum

Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton
Scotty the Tyrannosaurus rex is one of 10 dinosaurs on display at the Durham Museum.

What does a Tyrannosaurus bring to a family reunion? Anything they want. But, they can leave the picnic baskets and side salads home for the Durham Museum’s “Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family,” a special exhibit that opens Saturday and runs through Sept. 1. The exhibit features 10 life-size skeleton casts, examining the history of the tyrannosaur family.

Of the dinosaurs featured, “Scotty” is the tallest and oldest Tyrannosaurus rex in the world. The T-rex may be the best known of the specimen, but the exhibit explores the family’s history. Tyrannosaurs date back to as long as 65 million years ago. The exhibit will look at each member’s history.

Visitors will get a look at the newest member of the family, Guanlong wucaii. Discovered in China in 2006, the Guanlong wucaii was a feathered dinosaur.

People looking at model of Guanlong wucaii
A look at the Guanlong wucaii.

As you tour the exhibit, take note of the projection screen featuring dinosaurs running through the streets of Omaha. There are also interactive displays to help people learn more information about dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs run the streets of Omaha as part of one display.
Dinosaurs run the streets of Omaha as part of one display.

In addition to the exhibit, the Durham will host presentations, children’s events and other special events. An adults-only evening is scheduled June 27, featuring adult daiquiris and snacks. There is a special fee for the evening. More information can be obtained online.

For more information about the exhibit and the museum, please visit the website at durhammuseum.org.