Otterly Divine: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo

My second visit to Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo could have been titled “Otters. Otters. And More Otters.” Our daughters are addicted to otters. They even have matching otter tattoos, with outstretched arms toward the other. My visit with Mallory included spending extra time at the otter exhibit (to be fair, they are adorable animals and […]

Cougar Mountain Zoo offers sanctuary for endangered animals

You would think a place called Cougar Mountain Zoo would have cougars. You would not be wrong. However, during our visit the critters kept their distance. In all fairness it was a bit of a warm day by Washington state standards. The cougars were lounging in the shade the best they could. Cougars – aka […]

‘Wild’ animals roaming Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens

More than 30 “wild” animals have infiltrated Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens. The botanical garden is hosting a wildlife sculpture exhibit by Dan Ostermiller through Oct. 4th. The animal statues are scattered around the various gardens at Lauritzen. The sculptures include bears, pigs, birds, cats and elephants. Each sculpture appears strategically located around the gardens. Ostermiller, who […]

Brian Skerry to bring his sea photos to Omaha’s Holland Theater March 10th

Lisa and I have different views of the ocean. She is interested in taking cruises and even scuba diving or snorkeling. Me? My take on the ocean is that it’s a nice thing to see…from the beach. We’ve seen the oceans – Atlantic and Pacific. I’ve even stepped in the water in the Atlantic Ocean. […]

Encountering unique animals at Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo

Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo offered us a chance to see some animals we don’t normally see at the Omaha zoo. We appreciate the opportunity to see new animals. The zoo, which opened in 1971, has about 3,000 animals on display. It can take a few hours to tour the zoo. Our visit started with a […]

Animals, kids and video highlight Peter Gros program at Omaha’s Holland Center

You know the old saying for performers – Never work with kids or animals? Well, Peter Gros apparently missed that lesson. Gros, one of the stars of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, led a presentation on Wild Kingdom at Omaha’s Holland Center for the Performing Arts Nov. 8th. Gros shared some video highlights or bloopers […]

Who can resist furry baby animals? See them live – Promo Code

Exotic Animals in Omaha outside of the Zoo?  Yes, that’s right.  Animals along with Peter Gros from the original series Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom will be captivating an audience here in Omaha.  Join us at the Holland Center on Friday, Nov. 8th for this family friendly show.  We are definitely looking forward to the […]

Kansas City Zoo offers visitors interesting views

Kansas City’s zoo offers upclose views of animals from around the world! The first thing we noticed about the Kansas City Zoo was the size of its animal exhibits. They are much larger than other zoos we have visited, including our very own Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The first animals on display are otters. […]

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