5 places to celebrate Easter in the Midwest

As Easter approaches, the Midwest offers some beautiful spots to help observe the holiday. From the story of Jesus Christ to places of worship, you can visit interesting attractions. Considered the “eighth wonder of the world,” the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend, Iowa, is the largest manmade grotto in the world. The Rev. […]

‘Obsessing’ over Kaneko’s collection in Omaha

Jun Kaneko can be counted on to have impressive exhibits at his gallery in Omaha’s Old Market. Sitting next to a brick street, the gallery at 11th and Jones opens the galleries to a variety of contemporary artists. This time around, though, the artist shares his collection alongside the others. With “Passion and Obsession: From […]

Exploring Bismarck

I lived in Grand Forks, ND, for more than five years. I never ventured too far west. I never visited Bismarck during that time. In the past 13 months, Lisa and I have been to Bismarck twice. And we can’t wait to get back there a third time. We spent a couple of days in […]

Kenosha’s public art scene

Art comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be a mural on the side of a building, or a statue along the lakefront. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, the public art we viewed also included business signs. The city, located about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, offers a lot of art to enjoy. Carthage College has […]

South Dakota’s Porter Sculpture Park offers unique look at art

Folks driving along Interstate 90 outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, may notice a giant bull head staring back at them. You may have heard of the Little House on the Prairie, but what about the Little Sculpture Park on the Prairie? The Porter Sculpture Park in Montrose (about 30 miles west of Sioux Falls) […]

Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens illuminating Spring with glass art exhibit

Spring is in the air at Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens. The botanical garden is hosting a special glass art exhibit through May 8th. “Floral Fusion” showcases the glass art of Craig Mitchell Smith. The exhibit features about 30 pieces of blown-glass art located throughout the visitors center’s main display hall and the Marjorie K. Daughtery Conservatory. […]

Omaha’s Bemis Center showcases contemporary art

Omaha’s Old Market is home to buildings that are more than a century old. The fact that people have saved them and refurbished them is impressive. To turn one into a space to showcase contemporary art just seems fitting. The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art has called the old Bemis Bag Company building home for […]

Omaha’s Kaneko gallery explores ‘Water’

Sustaining water and improving water quality are the main focuses of “Water,” an exhibit at Kaneko Art Gallery through April 23. The exhibit explores the issue regionally, as well as globally. The exhibit features some impressive artwork by local and international artists. We’ve seen some of the artists’ works in previous exhibits. It’s kind of […]

Searching for Omaha’s street murals

Street art can be some of the best of modern art. The murals painted on sides of buildings can be real, visceral. It’s just plain beautiful. Cities have areas dedicated to street art. We’ve visited a couple of them – Kansas City and Rapid City. The art in these cities tell stories, express political and […]

Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion combines art and science

Sioux Fall’s Washington Pavilion is a mixed use facility. Visitors can take in art, a movie or check out the science museum. Our favorite section was the Visual Arts Center. It offered an array of artwork, including Native American, dioramas and a couple of special exhibits. As you approach the arts center, you’re greeted by […]

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