Kenosha’s knights seek their holy grail at Mars Cheese Castle

The Knights of the Cheesehead? I imagine if Kenosha’s Mars Cheese Castle had a team of knights, they may consider that name. I do know that the castle has some great food, cheese and drink selections. Mars is a tourist attraction because the store’s building resembles a medieval castle. People shop there because it has […]

Nebraska Brewing Company serves up fun tour

Nebraska Brewing Company opened its LaVista brewery in early 2014. Since then, the brewery has dominated the state craft beer scene. It has nine of the top 10 brews in Nebraska, according to We took a tour of the facility, because they offer tours. We’re not hardcore beer drinkers, as previously stated. We like […]

Storz Beer comeback answers ‘dream’

Note: Storz Trophy Room Grill and Brewery is closed as of October 2015. Tom Markel had a dream. It wasn’t a “Field of Dreams” moment, with voices telling him to “build it and they will come.” But, his dream did talk to him. It said to restart the Storz beer brand. Markel, along with cousin […]

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