Smelling the flowers in our Midwest botanical gardens

Spring is in full bloom. So are the flowers and plants in our area. We thought we’d take a look at the botanical gardens available to Midwesterners to take in nature’s beauty. Lisa and I realized we’ve been to quite a few during our travels wound the Midwest. I know we’ll see more gardens as […]

Missouri Botanical Garden provides shot of Spring

Winter weather doesn’t prevent flowers from blooming in the heart of St. Louis. The Missouri Botanical Center is open year round. While not all of the 79-acre site has flowers and plants on display, there are enough of them available to warrant a visit. We spent more than two hours there. The visitor center hosted […]

Milwaukee’s version of ‘Under the Dome(s)’

Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Conservatory – AKA “The Domes” – is an interesting take on a botanical garden. The Domes are made up of three domed buildings. Each houses a special group of flowers and plants. The show dome houses special features. This dome’s exhibits can change throughout the year. The tropical dome houses plants from […]

LEGOs, LEGOs and flowers at Omaha’s botanical garden

What to do with 46,000 LEGO pieces? Build an American bison, of course. That’s what nationally-renowned LEGO artist Sean Kenney did at Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens. The bison, built entirely from logos, is among the 27 pieces of artwork on display until May 19th at the botanical gardens. About half a million LEGO pieces went into making […]

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