Ready for a close-up: Oscar history lives along Hollywood Boulevard

Vacation Memories: Part of an ongoing series reviewing past trips. Who will win the Oscar for best actor? Actress? Which movie takes home the title as the best of the year? Those questions will be answered tonight during the 88th annual Academy Awards. The show takes place in Hollywood. Hollywood will be electrified with all […]

San Diego harbor offers great attractions and views

History, culture and shopping await visitors along San Diego’s harbor walk. A few years ago, we were in San Diego for a day, so we had to make the best use of our time. We thought the harbor would be perfect. Maritime Museum of San Diego The Star of India can take visitors back to […]

Alcatraz Island: History from prison to Native American occupation

My brother Johnny was an activist, actor and musical performer. His spoken word inspired many people of all backgrounds. He passed away Dec. 8th. He was 69. His activism and his eloquent speaking  style came to the world’s stage during an occupation of Alcatraz by a group of Native Americans in the late 1960s. Johnny […]

Stars, fun await visitors to Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is the home of the stars. And its sidewalks have the proof. The boulevard is home to the Walk of Fame – stars emblazoned in the concrete, recognizing people from acting to civic involvement. During our trip there in 2011, I found myself stopping at almost every star and getting a photograph. Hundreds? […]

LA’s Autry museum recognizes American west history

The American west comes to life at the Autry National Center in the Griffith Park district of Los Angeles. The museum, named after famed singing cowboy Gene Autry recognizes the American western days through a myriad of exhibits. During our visit in 2011, our friends Mark and Ron joined us for a visit of the […]

USS Midway offers floating museum of naval history and operations

A friend of mine recently mentioned wanting to go to San Diego for vacation. I suggested that if he did go, one touristy thing to do was to visit the USS Midway Museum. The former aircraft carrier was turned into a floating museum after it was decommissioned in 1992. The aircraft carrier, once the largest […]

LA: Prehistoric age to Classic Hollywood

Following a trip to Pasadena and the Nebraska-UCLA football on Day 2 of our trip, we made up for lost touristy things on Day 3. We visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame to start the day. Actually, the Walk of Fame was pretty much  a daily ritual since we were just two blocks from it. […]

Southern California, Here We Come!

We recently traveled to Los Angeles to meet with friends. What a week! We packed in so much sightseeing and touristy stuff in such a short time. I felt like I needed a vacation to recover from our vacation. Highlights of the trip included staying in Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, seeing a Star Trek […]

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