Enjoying the beauty of St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Minnesota’s Twin Cities offer people amazing free attractions. Our latest venture brought us to St. Paul’s Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Como Park combines two of our favorites – a zoo and a conservatory/botanical garden. We picked the perfect day to visit. The sun was shining, blue skies with a hint of white clouds above […]

Smelling the flowers in our Midwest botanical gardens

Spring is in full bloom. So are the flowers and plants in our area. We thought we’d take a look at the botanical gardens available to Midwesterners to take in nature’s beauty. Lisa and I realized we’ve been to quite a few during our travels wound the Midwest. I know we’ll see more gardens as […]

Overland Park Arboretum beauty abounds

We lucked out and caught the tail end of fall season at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The Kansas suburb of Kansas City has a beautiful nature center. We picked a beautiful day to take a walk through the 300-acre park. About 85 percent of the arboretum is set aside to preserve and […]

Japanese Gardens add to the beauty of Sioux Falls

What do Japan and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, have in common? Quick answer would probably be very little. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that Japanese art has influenced one city park. Terrace Park is home to the Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens. The gardens were the creation of Joe Maddox in the 1920s-30s. […]

‘Wild’ animals roaming Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens

More than 30 “wild” animals have infiltrated Omaha’s Lauritzen Gardens. The botanical garden is hosting a wildlife sculpture exhibit by Dan Ostermiller through Oct. 4th. The animal statues are scattered around the various gardens at Lauritzen. The sculptures include bears, pigs, birds, cats and elephants. Each sculpture appears strategically located around the gardens. Ostermiller, who […]

10 things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln is more than just the state capital of Nebraska. It has a lot of nice attractions to check out. You can spend a day or a long weekend visiting some pretty interesting spots. Here are our Top 10 Lincoln attractions: State Capitol Nebraska’s legislature is a one-house senate. The remaining 49 states have a […]

Minnesota Arboretum is among the most beautiful gardens in the United States

Minnesota is a beautiful state. The state’s arboretum reflects that beauty. More than 1,100 acres of trails, trees, plants and flowers allow visitors the opportunity to bask in the beauty. The Minnesota landscape Arboretum is an extension of the University of Minnesota. Located in Chaska, the arboretum was recently selected as one of the best […]

Omaha’s Ford Birthplace and Gardens honors nation’s 38th President

Gerald Ford was the United States’ 38th President. He served in the Oval Office from August 1974 until Jan. 20, 1977. His was one of the shortest administrations for a chief executive who didn’t die in office. He was also the first non-elected Vice President and President. Ford, a Republican member of the House of […]

Elf abandons shelf; Takes holiday break

Doing Santa’s dirty work – spying on people to find out who is nice and who is naughty – gets a bit overpowering. Do you realize how many people are really naughty? The people’s house I watch over has a cat. A cat! The flea-ridden varmin tried to eat me one day. Well, I decided […]

Milwaukee’s version of ‘Under the Dome(s)’

Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Conservatory – AKA “The Domes” – is an interesting take on a botanical garden. The Domes are made up of three domed buildings. Each houses a special group of flowers and plants. The show dome houses special features. This dome’s exhibits can change throughout the year. The tropical dome houses plants from […]

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