Tracing North Dakota’s history in Bismarck

From giant prehistoric fish and dinosaurs to underground missile silos, North Dakota’s history covers about 80 million years. In its earliest days, the Peace Garden State was part of an inland sea. The heritage center and museum in Bismarck tracks the state’s history through various stages of its growth. In all, four galleries offer a […]

Omaha’s Durham Museum exhibit looks at Prohibition

It’s interesting how elections or social movements can create a swell that forces change. Less than 100 years ago, such a movement led to creating a “dry” America. Temperance supporters campaigned strongly to create and pass a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol in the United States. The group succeeded, as the 18th Amendment was ratified […]

Exploring Bismarck

I lived in Grand Forks, ND, for more than five years. I never ventured too far west. I never visited Bismarck during that time. In the past 13 months, Lisa and I have been to Bismarck twice. And we can’t wait to get back there a third time. We spent a couple of days in […]

Civil War reenactment highlights Pulaski County’s Old Settlers Day celebration

Waynesville, Missouri, likely saw more Civil War action during its recent Old Settlers Day than it did during the actual Civil War in the 1860s. Pulaski County, which Waynesville is the county seat, experienced skirmishes between the Union Army and Confederate soldiers and sympathizers. The Union army actually operated a fort atop a hill overlooking […]

Hastings Museum offers interesting exhibits of regional history

Hastings is a small city, sitting almost smack-dab in the center of Nebraska. Most people may think its museum is just another small town museum. They’d be wrong. The Hastings Museum of Nature and Cultural History covers the history of the region with outstanding exhibits and great facts. The museum covers the history of Nebraska […]

Tour gives glimpse into Omaha’s African American history

Omaha’s 24th and Lake Streets area has seen it all – booming business, the rise of Jazz, economic downturns, Civil Rights struggles and redevelopment dreams. The intersection is significant in Omaha history for the 1913 Easter tornado. The storm killed 150 people across the city. The largest concentration was at 24th and Lake, where 40 […]

February Midwest Twitter Chat – Cape Girardeau, MO – #MWTravel

Our February #MWTravel Twitter chat will feature Cape Girardeau, MO.  Located along the mighty Mississippi River banks in SE Missouri, Cape Girardeau offers great history and natural outdoor beauty.  You can take a stroll downtown for antique shopping and yummy foodie finds or take a driving tour of sites seen in the movie “Gone Girl.” […]

Burt County Museum allows look at Tekamah history

Imagine pouring gasoline or kerosene into your iron and lighting it with a match. How about putting charcoal in an iron? Then, imagine actually using it to press clothes. These antique irons and several more are on display at the Burt County Museum in Tekamah, Nebraska. Tekamah is about a 45-minute drive north of Omaha. […]

TWA main focus of KC airline museums

Kansas City was once home to a major American Airline. Trans World Air called KC home from 1925 until 2002, when it merged with American Airlines. TWA played such a major role in Kansas City history that two museums cover it. One is a dedicated TWA Museum, while the second is the Airline History Museum […]

Museum celebrates St. Louis history

Thomas Jefferson. The Louisiana Purchase. The football Cardinals. The baseball Browns. The World Fair. The Olympics. All of these play a role in the history of St. Louis. They can be found at the Missouri State History Museum in the Forest Park district. The museum is divided in four major wings. Each wing offers exhibits […]

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