‘Obsessing’ over Kaneko’s collection in Omaha

Jun Kaneko can be counted on to have impressive exhibits at his gallery in Omaha’s Old Market. Sitting next to a brick street, the gallery at 11th and Jones opens the galleries to a variety of contemporary artists. This time around, though, the artist shares his collection alongside the others. With “Passion and Obsession: From […]

Omaha’s Kaneko gallery explores ‘Water’

Sustaining water and improving water quality are the main focuses of “Water,” an exhibit at Kaneko Art Gallery through April 23. The exhibit explores the issue regionally, as well as globally. The exhibit features some impressive artwork by local and international artists. We’ve seen some of the artists’ works in previous exhibits. It’s kind of […]

Hawaiian shirts among Omaha’s Kaneko Gallery’s ‘Fiber’ show

Who thought a Hawaiian shirt is a work of art? The people at the Kaneko Gallery in downtown Omaha, that’s who. More than 200 Hawaiian shirts are on display as part of the gallery’s “Fiber” exhibit. The exhibit runs through April 25th. “Fiber” looks at using fiber and textiles in art. Florabunda explores the history […]

Wichita Art Museum paints way to fantastic visit

The first thing we noticed as we walked into the Wichita Art Museum was the Chihuly blown glass art display immediately above the entrance. It extends from the exterior door to a little short of the admissions desk. The artwork is actually part of a bridge on the second floor. It was beautiful. Not satisfied […]

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