Kenosha offers great attractions, food

Situated along Lake Michigan, less than two hours north of downtown Chicago and less than an hour south of Milwaukee, Kenosha offers visitors a mix of big city life and small community feeling.  The food is on par with anything you might find on Chicago’s Mag Mile. Attractions are high quality. We enjoyed an amazing […]

‘Yooper’ provides beautiful scenery, drive

The “Yooper,” as northern Michiganders call the upper peninsula, is a beautiful area. A mix of forests and lakes gives this region its unique identity. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (hence, Yooper) should be its own state, in my opinion. That’s just my opinion. I don’t mean to step on any Wolverine or Spartan toes. The drive […]

Milwaukee offers attractions on two fronts with river and lake

Milwaukee has two attractive natural resources – the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan. This allows the city the luxury of business and tourist attractions on a river walk and a lakefront. And the city takes advantage of both. First, the river walk. The Milwaukee River Walk cuts through the downtown area. It is home to […]

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