Clear Lake, Iowa is one of our favorite spots

As the summer season winds down, lots of people are planning that final summer getaway. Labor Day allows most people a three-day weekend of fun in the sun. Maybe, they’ll do some camping, boating, hiking or fishing. We have fallen in love with a community that offers all of this, plus more. Clear Lake, Iowa, […]

Kenosha offers great attractions, food

Situated along Lake Michigan, less than two hours north of downtown Chicago and less than an hour south of Milwaukee, Kenosha offers visitors a mix of big city life and small community feeling.  The food is on par with anything you might find on Chicago’s Mag Mile. Attractions are high quality. We enjoyed an amazing […]

Let’s go fly a kite: Clear Lake’s Color the Wind festival

Kites sure have changed since I was a kid. For a few cents (definitely a dollar or less), you could get a plastic kite. You put the wooden T-frame in the kite’s pockets, make a tail out of some string and what not, and then head outside to fly it. You were lucky if it […]

Morning view at the lake

I spent an hour at Carter Lake. The lake- as is the town with which it shares its name – is on the Nebraska side of the Missouri River, but is part of Iowa. When the river used to meander, Carter Lake was cut off from the rest of Iowa. Nebraska won the coin toss […]

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