Happy birthday Nebraska! Looking good for 150

Happy birthday Nebraska! The cute little state in the middle of the United States turns a youthful 150 years young. Nebraska became the 37th state March 1, 1867, two years after the end of the Civil War. I wondered how to write about the state’s sesquicentennial. Should I discuss the history of the state, dating […]

Nebraska Wine Tours share their love of wine

Football. Corn. Steak. When you think of Nebraska, these are probably some of the first things to pop into your head. What about wine? Award-winning wine. Hmmmm…you didn’t think about that, did you? Nebraska may not be the regional leader in wineries, but of the 34 wineries statewide, several challenge to be the best in […]

Beating the winter doldrums: Taking a day trip

As winter nears its end, I think a lot of us are starting to have that cooped up feeling. You know it – we basically go from home to work or the store and back home. You want to get out and see some of the world. We’re ready for some fun time. But, we […]

Buffalo Wings and Rings tops our favorite sports eateries

Everyone seems to have their favorite sports hangout. For me, I enjoy catching a game or two at our local Buffalo Wings and Rings (BWR). We’ve been fans since it opened a few years ago. In fact, we went to the opening of the restaurant. The next day, I was back for more wings. The […]

Looking forward to Midwest Travel Twitter Chat 2016 by looking back at 2015

When Sara of Travel with Sara and I started this chat last year, I honestly wasn’t sure what would happen. Along with Sara, Tim and I are very passionate about our love for travel and know there is so much to explore in our own backyard that is the Midwest. Tim and I had been to […]

Elf: Helping the Trudells have a Happy Holiday

BY Peter Elf Wow! A whole year has passed since last Christmas, huh? Wowza. I can’t believe these two yahoos made it through the year being nice. Well, I can that Tim fella. After all, he did save my life when That Lisa lady tried to kill me in Wichita. Yeah, it’s difficult to let […]

Governor’s mansion highlights our Lincoln holiday tour

Touring the Nebraska Governor’s residence highlighted our visit to Lincoln last weekend. It was our first time visiting the home, and we were impressed with the subtle holiday decorations used throughout the “People’s House” (as Gov. Pete Ricketts called it). The foray features a tree with a few accessories surrounding it. It set the tone […]

Gourd for it at Lincoln’s JK’s Pumpkin Patch

Fall seems to mean a trip to the pumpkin patch. The Midwest has a lot of choices – big and small. We visited a smaller pumpkin patch near Lincoln that packed a lot of fun. JK’s Pumpkins is located just northeast of Nebraska’s capital city. The pumpkin patch – opened Friday-Sunday until the end of […]

Honest, Lincoln is home to great burgers and pizza

Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom Honest Abe’s Burgers and Freedom rates up there with the best burger I can recall ever having. The Lincoln diner is known as having the best burgers in the state capital. I’m willing to say they have some of the best burgers in the United States. How good are the […]

Who needs Route 66? Nebraskans can get their kicks along the Lincoln Highway

Nebraska is one of the states chosen to host a portion of the Lincoln Highway – the first transcontinental highway in the United States. US Highway 30 runs the entire state, from Blair on the east side to past Sidney, near the Wyoming border. The Nebraska section of Highway 30 is among the longest in the country, […]

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